A World Powered By You…

Energym are a groundbreaking team of British designers and engineers working to harness human power into low carbon, electricity that you can use.


The RE:GEN is a revolutionary new home fitness bike - hands down the smartest exercise bike on the planet. Your energy is converted into clean electrical power, that can be used to power buildings and devices. Combined with AI-driven software, the RE:GEN's technology offers a package so sleek and beautiful your workouts come alive.


Enriched with smart sustainable technology to get you fitter, faster. Immersive workouts that leave you feeling recharged and rewarded. Our team of fitness professionals and world class engineers are enabling clean power generation at extreme efficiencies. Complete innovation packed inside a patented design and system. Meet the world's most advanced exercise bike FOR our planet 🌎

One ride, to rule them all...


Our signature smart home energy-generating fitness bike. Featuring On-Demand Workouts, A.I. Resistance Control, Eco-Power Generation and Sweatcoin reward bonuses. The smartest addition to your home gym and daily fitness routine.

In-Gym installations

Our gym studio installations enable top-of-the-range facilities to unlock the power of their members, driving customer retention and engagement whilst reducing your carbon footprint and energy costs.

*Currently fully booked until Dec 2022 - Waiting list slots still available. Please get in touch today.

Office Installations
WorkSpace Re:Defined

Increase employee wellbeing, and productivity and energise your office space with our sustainable ECO:POD.

In-Gym and Bedroom Installations
Hotel Solutions

Enhanced guest experience, increased loyalty & improved member retention. All delivered whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.

One Mission.

A Fitter, Healthier Planet