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STORM Cycle Studio in Berlin offers fast paced, immersive classes with an intense night-club vibe. With a tiered colosseum-esque design with all riders’ focussed in on the instructor, who proudly leads the class throughout their workout. Their Master trainers specialise in rhythmic and performance cycling, so we knew our electricity-generating bikes had to keep up with these fierce riding styles and full-on class schedules.

Human Power Potential


classes per day
daily human power

Human power utilisation

Human power captured by STORM is used to power the studio's full electrical requirements, including air con, lighting & AV.

  • Lighting
  • AV
  • Air con
smart software, big benefits

enhancing the experience

In the studio, Energym's in-class experience enables STORM's Master Trainers to view all riders’ FTP and Zones in real-time, during their workouts as well as digitally guiding their resistance for them - adding that one-to-one personal training touch into group training.

Behind the scenes, our Energy Management System software also helps STORM map their energy data, allowing them to draw on the stored human power stored inside their centralised ESS system at peak times.


Experience the full journey from concept through to launch, over on YouTube.

Our Mission

Learn about our mission to create fitter people and a healthier planet for us all.

Our Mission

Still Got Questions?

Your RE:GEN rides will connect to an on-site Energy Storage System (ESS), which enables the power created during each workout to be fed directly into your building, powering your facility. The benefits? Reducing your energy consumption (and therefore, saving you £!) alongside lowering your carbon footprint. Depending on the number of bikes, and their utilisation, this can result in significant savings for your gym.

This depends on number of bikes and software package you select. After completing a discovery call, we'll be able to provide you with an estimate based on your requirements.

Ahhh, we're so glad you asked. Where do we begin? The RE:GEN isn't just the worlds smartest bike thats good for our planet. It's got big brains contained within a a high-spec, sleekly designed bike that is packed with features intricately designed for you. As you'll be riding for the future, we believe you deserve for us to geek out on your experience. So, from the moment you saddle up, you'll be spoiled with an ergonomic design, micro-adjustability and digital resistance, all designed to mimic the enjoyment of a smooth, comfortable, real ride. Combined with the RE:GEN app, we've built an eco-system that incorporates A.I to push, incentivise and reward you for achieving your clean energy & fitness goals.


Footprint: 120 x 52 cm / 3’9” x 1’7”
Maximum Height: 110 cm / 3’6”
Assembled Weight:
55 kg / 120 lb
User Height Range: 147 - 196 cm / 4’10” - 6’5”
Maximum User Weight: 150 kg / 330 lb
Safe-Zone Footprint: 230 x 172 cm / 7’7” x 5’6”
Frame Material: Welded Carbon Steel
Flywheel Weight: 17 kg / 37.5 Ib
Connectivity:  Wireless
Q-Factor: 200mm
Pedals: Dual sided, SPD compatible

Yes! Our smart-bike enables you to connect with any of your favourite cycle apps. Full details on how to pair your RE:GEN will be included in the User Manual.

Our patented digital resistance gear shifters deliver enhanced adjustability and a smooth application, ensuring a real-ride feel. You'll also be able to adjust the RE:GENs resistance through our app, or if you prefer a more traditional method, via the emergency stop button.

Our products have been manufactured to the highest standards and quality. However, for your reassurance your RE:GEN is guaranteed against material or manufacturing faults as per the following*: Frame - 3 Years Components - 12 Months Energym warrants the components and all original parts of The RE:GEN other than pedals, including its belt, brake resistance, crankshaft, seat post, handlebars and water bottle holder, against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months from the date of original delivery. Labour - 12 Months Energym will cover the labour cost for the repair or replacement made under this Warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of original delivery. *T&C and exclusions apply.

This fully integrated solution offers you the greatest potential in terms of clean-energy generation and utilisation. The Energy Storage System, enables you to feed the power generated from each class, directly into your building, enabling you to deliver energy to power your facility. Also, your Smart-ESS also enables you to benefit from peak vs off-peak charging, maximising your off-peak tariff - meaning you get the additional advantage of cheaper power throughout the day. However, as an alternative, you can consider the RE:GEN with the OHM, as these bikes require no Energy Storage System, as you will use your clean power by plugging USB devices into the Ohm batteries, however, there is a limitation to how much energy can be captured due to the capacity of the OHM being c.100Wh each. Some of our existing clients with this solution have provided/offered their members the ability to purchase a personal Ohm battery which they can re-charge during their workout, enabling them to take the power they’ve created home with them to power their day.

We partner with some internationally renowned gym designers and installers, so we also supply low-energy pulsing LED lighting, through to custom-built stages and more! We can provide these services for you, without you having to negotiate with, or project manage, multiple suppliers. Meaning, all thats left for you to do is turn your human power, on!