Energym is a precision-engineering, tech-focused start-up based in Birmingham, UK with a passion for fitness.

Energym designs and develops industry-leading technology that captures and converts the energy generated during workouts, into clean, useable, electrical power.

We are! But of course, we would say that... Find out who we are by putting names and faces to job roles on our about us page or visit our YouTube channel to meet our team properly.

Basically, we're a precision-engineering tech-focused start-up based in Birmingham (try saying that quickly!). We've had our heads down for the last couple of years developing our tech and building our business, so you may not have heard of us.


We have launched, the first round of deliveries are due in Q2 2022, and the pre-order for the next can be placed now to secure your RE:GEN.

150 Kg

Yes, it can! The RE:GEN's seat, handlebars, and screen holder are all multi-axis and can easily be adjusted to all heights and shapes.

No, there's no screen but there is a tablet holder which can rotate 360 degrees.

We didn't include a screen with the RE:GEN because it's not very environmentally friendly. Chances are you already own a device that you can stream and download content on. Using that instead of a built-in screen is better for the planet and it means the RE:GEN is more affordable.

You also get the freedom to watch and subscribe to the digital platforms you want - fitness apps or otherwise - without being tied into Energym's software.

No, you can still use the RE:GEN bike without the app. You'll still be able to generate your own clean electricity etc but you won't have access to the AI-tailored workouts and live battle modes.

YES! Using our smartphone app, you can connect your RE:GEN bike to Zwift.

Yes! We love a bit of Les. Use our smartphone app to connect your RE:GEN bike to Les Mills classes.

The RE:GEN system features our patent-pending generator system. As we are outputting power we have a highly accurate and robust power measurement system built-in. To calculate your watt input from the legs, we take this power output, cross reference against the known mechanical efficiencies of our system and that gives us your input efficiency to an accuracy of 2%. All of this happens in real-time during your workout and is displayed to you via our app, so you can keep a keen eye on your performance improvements. As we have a watt generator built-in there are also other exciting things we can do with this information, such as show you ways to improve your power output on each leg during each stroke. Stay tuned for additional feature updates.

FTP is functional threshold power. Measured in watts, it's the amount of power you can maintain for one hour. Knowing your FTP can help you build your training zones and adapt your training plans as well as track your progress. By measuring in watts, you get a better idea of how fit you really are as FTP isn't affected by factors such as the weather or distance. FTP is measured using a power meter like the one on the RE:GEN's Ohm battery.

Unlike a road bike after a tough season, you don't need to hose the RE:GEN down. Gently does it with a gentle cleanser or a damp cloth to wipe away any debris or sweat. Avoid soap, bleach, or alcohol-based products.

Yes, the RE:GEN will automatically control resistance throughout your workout. You can control this using the Energym app.

The flywheel weight is 15Kg.

The RE:GEN is belt operated.

The RE:GEN uses microgeneration to create energy. As you can guess from its name, we're not talking huge amounts of power here. Certainly, nothing that comes anywhere near what current carbon-based power generation can achieve, but then it doesn't have to.

Imagine one person doing their usual workout and generating between 170Wh and 230Wh: enough to charge an iPhone 12 fourteen times. Now imagine thirty people in a spin class generating enough energy to power a small house for more than a day. Imagine two hundred people, two thousand people, two million people... all generating power as part of their exercise routine. There are currently 10million people in the UK that exercise daily, think of all the power that already exists but is currently wasted. That's renewable energy without the need for complex engineering, big building projects or slapping great big panels on people's roofs. Human power is as easy as riding a bike. And microgeneration isn't here to compete against other sustainable energy sources but to complement them by creating a varied energy mix that helps ensure everyone has access to power.

The RE:GEN isn't a magic bullet. It's not going to solve sustainability problems, nor will it combat climate change alone but given how quickly the at-home fitness market is growing, and that renewable energy generation can be as easy as riding a bike, it's got the potential to contribute positively to a more sustainable future.

And we're putting our technology into gyms where the power generating potential is much higher, so you should definitely watch this space.

The Ohm

The Ohm has a capacity of 100Wh.

The Ohm battery becomes a personal power meter when plugged into the RE:GEN and will display your functional threshold power (FTP) using a colour zoning system.

This is personalised to your fitness level and provides an at-a-glance (and objective) insight into how hard you're really working. Stay out of the red and go into the green for the most efficient workout and one that will get you to your fitness goals faster.

At the moment, the Ohm features two USB ports, allowing you to charge any devices that can be powered via USB.

You can also purchase our snap-on extender to allow you to charge four devices simultaneously.

Not yet, however, we are working on an invertor to enable you to do this. This will be released following our RE:GEN launch.

Currently yes, but other indoor bikes can't even do that. They're letting your hard-earned energy go to waste. If you're planning on exercising anyway, then why not let your bike capture it so that you can charge your phone or computer? We're guessing that they're some of your most-used devices, too.

We're not sitting still on the RE:GEN. Our engineers are looking into ways of increasing its power-generating potential. We are working on a clip-on inverter attachment for the ohm which will allow for higher powered devices to be charged - which will power devices up to 500w with a 240v or 110v (mains powered) plug. This is set for release following our RE:GEN launch.

The Energym App

No, you can still use the RE:GEN bike without the app. You'll still be able to generate your own clean electricity etc but you won't have access to the AI-tailored workouts and live battle modes.

The monthly subscription to the Energym app is £14.99. However, you can opt to pay this using the Sweatcoins earned during your workouts.

Sweatcoins are earned based on achieving the goals you set for yourself, and for regularly completing your workouts.

The app has on-demand classes, can integrate to Zwift and it has gamification that allows you to race against other people around the globe in real time.

Anymore questions? Get in touch below.

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