Energym is a precision-engineering, tech-focused start-up based in Birmingham, UK with a passion for fitness. Our award-winning team of specialists design, develop and manufacture highly efficient, and affordable, green-fitness equipment and solutions for the home, gyms hotels and offices.

Energym designs and develops industry-leading technology that captures and converts the energy generated during workouts, into clean, useable, electrical power.


The RE:GEN + 1x Ohm battery is RRP Β£1999 with app membership Β£19 per month (6-month and 12-month subscriptions unlock a discount πŸ’°).

We're currently working towards our next re:stock, which can be Pre-Ordered today. Details on estimated shipping dates will be provided to you during checkout.

Ahhh, we're so glad you asked. Where do we begin? The RE:GEN isn't just the worlds smartest bike thats good for our planet. It's got big brains contained within a a high-spec, sleekly designed bike that is packed with features intricately designed for you. As you'll be riding for the future, we believe you deserve for us to geek out on your experience. So, from the moment you saddle up, you'll be spoiled with an ergonomic design, micro-adjustability and digital resistance, all designed to mimic the enjoyment of a smooth, comfortable, real ride. Combined with the RE:GEN app, we've built an eco-system that incorporates A.I to push, incentivise and reward you for achieving your clean energy & fitness goals.


Footprint: 120 x 52 cm / 3’9” x 1’7”
Maximum Height: 110 cm / 3’6”
Assembled Weight:
55 kg / 120 lb
User Height Range: 147 - 196 cm / 4’10” - 6’5”
Maximum User Weight: 150 kg / 330 lb
Safe-Zone Footprint: 230 x 172 cm / 7’7” x 5’6”
Frame Material: Welded Carbon Steel
Flywheel Weight: 17 kg / 37.5 Ib
Connectivity:Β  Wireless
Q-Factor: 200mm
Pedals: Dual sided, SPD compatible

Size: 20 x 8.5 cm / 7.9” x 3.3”
Weight: 1 kg / 2.2 Ib
Power Output: 2x USB-C [100W + 60W]
Material: Housing : ABS and PC
Capacity: 2600mAh
Output: 96.4 Wh
Voltage: 10S1P 36V
Chemistry: Li-Ion

The average 25-minute workout generates enough power to fully charge your Ohm battery. That's enough electricity to fully charge 11 iPhones (or iPad Pros) or 2.5 laptops. ⚑️

If you don't have much space, your first thought may be that you have no room for the RE:GEN. However, we've packed the RE:GENs big brains and sleek features into a small footprint, meaning it'll fit in even the smallest of spaces. All you need is 60cm / 24" surrounding your ride.

We've designed the RE:GEN with your comfort in mind. Micro-adjustability enables you to easily adjust the height and positioning of both the seat and the handlebar, ensuring a superior ride, custom to you.

We chose not to include a screen with the RE:GEN because we care about the environment. Chances are you already own a device that you can stream and download content on. Using your own devices, instead of a built-in screen is better for the planet and makes the RE:GEN more affordable. We've featured an adjustable tablet holder on your RE:GEN to house your own personal devices, meaning you get the freedom to watch and subscribe to the digital platforms you want - fitness apps or otherwise - without being tied into Energym's software.

We always recommend the Energym app, in order to experience the RE:GEN to its full capability, however, it's not a requirement. The app delivers enhanced functionality with FTP Colour Zoning on your Ohm battery, as well as AI-tailored workouts and rewards and incentives for smashing your goals, in addition to connecting you to a global community of other RE:BELS who are riding for the future.

Yes! Our smart-bike enables you to connect with any of your favourite cycle apps. Full details on how to pair your RE:GEN will be included in the User Manual.

Our patented digital resistance gear shifters deliver enhanced adjustability and a smooth application, ensuring a real-ride feel. You'll also be able to adjust the RE:GENs resistance through our app, or if you prefer a more traditional method, via the emergency stop button.

Our products have been manufactured to the highest standards and quality. However, for your reassurance your RE:GEN is guaranteed against material or manufacturing faults as per the following*: Frame - 3 Years Components - 12 Months Energym warrants the components and all original parts of The RE:GEN other than pedals, including its belt, brake resistance, crankshaft, seat post, handlebars and water bottle holder, against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months from the date of original delivery. Labour - 12 Months Energym will cover the labour cost for the repair or replacement made under this Warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of original delivery. *T&C and exclusions apply.


If we've sold out of RE:GEN rides, you'll be able to secure your bike in the next stock-drop by making a Pre-Order. You'll have the option to pay in full, or with a Β£100 deposit.

During checkout, you'll be provided with an estimated shipping date. Once your order is ready to be shipped, we'll send you a notification and keep you updated as your RE:GEN makes its way to its new home.

Paying in full can entitle you to a discount on the RRP of the RE:GEN. However, both options secure your RE:GEN in the next stock-drop.

We'll notify you when your bike is ready to be shipped. The balance will then be taken at the time of shipping. We understand that sometimes, circumstances change, so if you'd like to postpone your delivery, please contact us.

As soon as your order is ready to be shipped, we'll send you an email advising on next steps. Then, all that's left for you to do is begin rehearsing your new mantra "ride, recharge, repeat!"

Our Customer Support team are always on hand to help. You can either chat to us via your browser, or contact us here.

Our Customer Support team are always on hand to support. You can contact us via online chat or via the Contact Us form here.

Of course! There's no better gift than that of clean-energy. During checkout, you'll be able to specify an alternative shipping address and contact details for the individual your gifting the RE:GEN to.


The Ohm has a capacity of 90-100Wh. When fully charged, this is enough clean-electricity to fully charge 10 iPhones (or iPad Pros), or 2 laptops.

The Ohm battery becomes a personal power meter when plugged into the RE:GEN and will display your functional threshold power (FTP) using a colour zoning system. When paired with the RE:GEN app, this is personalised to your fitness level and provides insight into how hard you're really working. Experience the Green Zone - the most challenging, yet powerful workout yet.

The Ohm features two USB-C fast charge ports, allowing you to charge any devices that can be powered via USB.

Currently yes, but other indoor bikes can't even do that. They're letting your hard-earned energy go to waste. If you're planning on exercising anyway, then why not let your bike capture it so that you can charge your phone or computer? We're guessing that they're some of your most-used devices, too. We're not sitting still on the RE:GEN. Our engineers are exploring ways of increasing its power-generating potential. We are working on a clip-on inverter attachment for the ohm which will allow for higher powered devices to be charged - which could power mains powered devices. Stay tuned for updates on this.

Not yet, however, we are working on an add-on invertor to enable you to do this. This will be released in the coming months, ensure you're subscribed to our mailing list to be notified when this is in stock.

Of course! Additional Ohm batteries can be purchased and will pair with any RE:GEN bike.

Aside from wasting your clean-energy? Nothing! Your RE:GEN is fully functional with or without your Ohm, but let's not let those watts go to waste...


We always recommend the Energym app, in order to experience the RE:GEN to its full capability, however, it's not a requirement. The app delivers enhanced functionality in the through FTP Colour Zoning on your Ohm battery, as well as AI-tailored workouts and rewards and incentives for smashing your goals, in addition to connecting you to a global community of other RE:BELS who are riding for the future.

The monthly subscription to the Energym app is Β£19 with discounts available on 6/12 month subscriptions. Within the app, you can also earn Sweatcoin rewards that can be used to pay for your future subscription. πŸ’°

Sweatcoins are earned based on achieving the goals you set for yourself, and for regularly completing your workouts.

The app features several different workout modes, including an FTP test and personalised workouts designed for your fitness level, as well as leaderboard challenges, all created to keep challenging you to achieve peak performance.


Your RE:GEN rides will connect to an on-site Energy Storage System (ESS), which enables the power created during each workout to be fed directly into your building, powering your facility. The benefits? Reducing your energy consumption (and therefore, saving you Β£!) alongside lowering your carbon footprint. Depending on the number of bikes, and their utilisation, this can result in significant savings for your gym.

Energym studio installations take around 2 weeks to complete, this includes the electrical wiring and equipment set up.

This depends on number of bikes, battery size and software package you select. After completing a discovery call, we'll be able to provide you with an estimate based on your requirements.

We're currently receiving a high demand for our installations, so please don't be disappointed if we're unable to turn-around your request right away. You'll be able to secure any of our currently available installation slots with a deposit after contacting us.

This fully integrated solution offers you the greatest potential in terms of clean-energy generation and utilisation. The Energy Storage System, enables you to feed the power generated from each class, directly into your building, enabling you to deliver energy to power your facility. Also, your Smart-ESS also enables you to benefit from peak vs off-peak charging, maximising your off-peak tariff - meaning you get the additional advantage of cheaper power throughout the day. However, as an alternative, you can consider the RE:GEN with the OHM, as these bikes require no Energy Storage System, as you will use your clean power by plugging USB devices into the Ohm batteries, however, there is a limitation to how much energy can be captured due to the capacity of the OHM being c.100Wh each. Some of our existing clients with this solution have provided/offered their members the ability to purchase a personal Ohm battery which they can re-charge during their workout, enabling them to take the power they’ve created home with them to power their day.

Yes! As well as custom installations, we also offer custom branding featuring on your RE:GEN rides.

We partner with some internationally renowned gym designers and installers, so we also supply low-energy pulsing LED lighting, through to custom-built stages and more! We can provide these services for you, without you having to negotiate with, or project manage, multiple suppliers. Meaning, all thats left for you to do is turn your human power, on!


Absolutely! Our ECO:POD and RE:GEN Stations are entirely self-contained and modular, meaning, you can benefit from the Energym effect, even in the smallest of unused spaces.

YES! Additional OHM batteries can be purchased for Β£199. If you ask us, there's no better add-on to our ECO:POD or RE:GEN station, than equipping your teams with their own Ohm batteries! However, each battery holds enough power to fully charge 11 phones, 2.6 laptops or 11 iPad Pro's, sharing is definitely still caring!

The c.100Wh capacity Ohm is, on average, charged with a 25-minute cycle session. Once charged, the Ohm will fully charge 11 phones, 2.6 laptops or 11 iPad Pro's! Small and mighty...

Of course! We understand that causing as little disruption to your team during their working day is key. Our full delivery and installation service can offer out-of-hours slots to ensure that there's no impact on productivity.