The Team
The brains behind the product

Energym are a precision-engineering, tech-focused start-up based in Birmingham, UK with a passion for fitness. Founded by Will Flint, Energym is built on the realisation that capturing the energy, from everyone's workout will have a real, meaningful impact on climate change. As a result, we can make a tangible difference for the benefit of the future.

Working with the country's top universities and engineers, Energym has developed highly efficient, patent-pending systems. These systems allow us to capture and convert human energy, turning it into useable electrical power. In addition to this, coupled with our Energym app, we are incentivising fitness like never before.

Will Flint


Lewis Critchlow

Lead Electrical Engineer

Manesh Metha

Product Designer

James Mahal


Regan Young

Marketing Manager

Kieren To

Finance Manager

Josh Slater

Lead Creative

Sue James

Digital Content Writer

Dan Hiscoke

Project Manager

Vlad Meriacre

Electronics Engineer

Jack Ogilvie

Mechanical Engineer

Advisory Team

Paul Richardson

Advisor and Mentor

Jordan Brompton

Advisor and Mentor

Nick Keller

Advisor and Mentor

Jon Johnston

Advisor and Mentor

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