The Team
The brains behind the product

Energym are a precision-engineering, tech-focused start-up based in Birmingham, UK with a passion for fitness. Founded by Will Flint, Energym is built on the realisation that capturing the energy, from everyone's workout can have a real, meaningful impact on climate change. As a result, we can make a tangible difference for the benefit of the future.

Working with the country's top universities and engineers, Energym has developed highly efficient, patent-pending systems. These systems allow us to capture and convert human energy, turning it into useable electrical power. In addition to this, coupled with our Energym app, we are empowering fitness like never before.

Will Flint

CEO and Founder

Will is Energym’s OG. Passionate and experienced in fitness and sustainability, his big vision thinking has steered the company through initial product designs, intellectual property, and prototypes to final product. He’s now working to accelerate Energym from start-up to scale-up.

Ricardo Williams

Head of E-commerce

The king of marketing, analytics, problem-solving and being an all-around team player. Making the impossible seem possible.

Lewis Critchlow

Lead Electrical Engineer

Lewis is Energym’s technical genius and resident cycling enthusiast. An absolute wizard when it comes to wiring, his work helped harness human power at efficiencies of up to 93%, squarely beating all previous efforts.

Caelan Kilduff

Electrical Project Manager

Caelan is responsible for ensuring we are on time and fit for function with everything electronic. From certification to PCB board design to bringing his dog in for wellness days, Caelan is a core member of the team.

Kieren To

Finance Manager

Kieren is responsible for Energym’s financial functions, including accounting, audit, treasury, corporate finance and investor relations. Kieren has a range of brilliant catchphrases for which the marketing team teases him mercilessly.

Mica Cater

Operations Executive

Little Miss Organised. Anything logistical is down to Mica, sorting resources, product components, HR and always bringing a smile to the office.

James Mahal


James facilitates the engineering progress. He designs PCB boards and builds the prototypes that take the design from conception to reality. James also understands the power of snacks on impending deadlines by delivering to our desks the chocolates, sweets and cakes that keep us going.

Josh Slater

Lead Creative

Josh is the creative genius behind the camera. He delivers Energym’s vision to its audience and is responsible for all videography. Always be kind to Josh because he’s in charge of photoshop editing and can hide a multitude of sins in the post-edit. He’s a highly successful music videographer too.

Sue James

Digital Content Writer

Sue writes things. She wrote this.

Josh Baggott

Marketing Assistant

A Josh of all trades, supporting with marketing elements such as email marketing, graphic design, campaign support and overall marketing development.

Lea Ann Hammond

Admin Assistant

Without Lea Ann there would be no structure, Lea Ann runs our customer service email, keeps our filing systems organised and is on hand whenever anyone needs anything. Everyone needs a Lea Ann on their team.

Advisory Team

Paul Richardson

Advisor and Mentor

Jordan Brompton

Advisor and Mentor

Nick Keller

Advisor and Mentor

Jon Johnston

Advisor and Mentor

Where We Are

Energym HQ, Holt Street, Birmingham, UK