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The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]

The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]

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(£1,899 upon shipping)
  • Last few remaining...
  • Inventory on the way

*Limited slots now remaining*  

  • RRP £1,999  - £100 Preorder deposit. (Remaining payment billed at shipping)
  • Shipping Estimate: 2-3 Months
  • White-glove delivery and installation to UK

The RE:GEN is the most powerful exercise bike on the market... AND it's good for the planet.  It generates clean power from your workouts, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and rewards you for the energy you create.

With the pre-order deposit you will secure your RE:GEN bike and Ohm battery pack, then simply pay the remainder when the bike is ready to ship. The current timeline is between 2-4 months for the RE:GEN to be ready for delivery to you, although this could be shorter.


1 x RE:GEN Bike

1 x Ohm Battery (100Wh)

Pre-Order T&C's:

  • The bike will not be shipped until the full payment is received.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, which means the cost of the deposit is taken from the remaining cost of the RE:GEN.
  • If you are not ready to pay the remainder, but still want your RE:GEN, we can postpone the shipping and allow extra time for the payment, or select payment options on our monthly payment plan when your RE:GEN is ready to ship.

The RE:GEN Is advanced, sleek and rare. The pinnacle of home fitness. It has unrivalled features and clean energy generation.

Size: 110cm x 52cm footprint

Weight: 70kg

Flywheel Weight Feel: 18kg


- Handlebars have vertical and horizontal adjustability

- The seat has horizontal and vertical adjustability 


- Digital controlled resistance

- Live FTP Power Mode

- Efficiencies of up to 93%

- No power socket required!

Place your Preorder deposit today to secure your RE:GEN delivery slot in our next batch of production which are set for delivery in 2-3 months.

We've worked hard to make shipping the best price possible, and it is calculated by your location and invoiced when your RE:GEN is ready to ship to you.

For deliveries to the UK we will offer a full white-glove installation service.

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Worldwide Shipping

We ship worldwide and the cost is calculated by your location.

Secure Your Slot

Reserve your RE:GEN now and pr-order today to secure your slot. Our next stock will land in a few weeks.

Full Warranty

We are so confident with our tech, it is covered for a year under our warranty.

Clip in. Charge Up.

Meet 'The Ohm'

Your personal rechargeable, power bank that locks in and charges from the RE:GEN bike, it gives you clean energy on the go.

It features a live FTP power meter and can store up to 100watts of clean power. With the ability to fast-charge 2 devices simultaneously. The Ohm is the world's first portable battery pack that can be charged by you!

Just Go
Tailored to you

With our Zwift integration, live head to head battle mode and exclusive Sweatcoin marketplace, you can save money on your favourite brands, all for the cost of a few calories.

Connect the Watts!
Challenge the leaderboard

Use our app to supercharge your workouts and compete for a place on the RE:GEN leaderboard.

Personalised workouts

Our smartphone app learns your fitness routine to build your workouts tailored around you. Imagine a personal PT, right in your pocket!

Ride the RE:GEN

Visit our experience page and learn all of the features that the RE:GEN bike has to offer.


150Kg (330 lbs)

Yes, the seat, handlebars and screen holder are all multi-axis and can be adjusted to suit you.

No, and there's a good reason too. Let's face it, we've all got enough screens in our lives. At Energym we're about saving power and staying green. So instead, the RE:GEN comes with a versatile screen mount, allowing you to use any device to connect to the bike. All major devices will happily work with our awesome RE:GEN app.

No, you can use the RE:GEN bike without the app, however you won’t have tailored workouts or live battle mode.

YES! Using our smartphone app, you can connect your RE:GEN bike to Zwift.

No, you don’t. However, if you would like to, you can purchase our clip on cleats, allowing you to use your cycling shoes.

The app comes with pre-recorded instructor workouts but the real fun comes from our Ai workout builder. With the Energym App, you have a PT right in your pocket, meaning you have tailored workouts on-tap. You can also challenge your friends and go head to head in our live battle mode.

FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power. It is a standard cycling score which refers to the average number of watts a rider can sustain for an allotted time.

You can clean your RE:GEN by using a gentle cleanser or damp cloth to wipe down and remove all sweat. Try not use soap, bleach or alcohol-based products.

Yes, the RE:GEN will automatically control resistance smoothly throughout your workout using it's Digital Torque Factoring technology. It can also be controlled via the ergo handlebar resistance control switches, or the smartphone app.

Don't worry. We are currently in the process of producing more RE:GEN bikes. The numbers remaining are limited though, so we urge you to place your pre-order soon to guarantee your RE:GEN for delivery in a few weeks.