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The RE:GEN harnesses your human power into clean electricity that you can use to power your day. The only bike FOR our planet

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Size 110cm x 52cm (43.3"x 20.5") Footprint
Weight 70 kg
User Height Range 4'10" to 6'5"
User Max Weight 150 kg
Drive System Poly-V® Belt Drive
Pedals Duel Sided: Straps and SPD Clips
Q Factor 170 mm
Max Resistance 1950 Watts at 200RPM
Materials High Strength Steel Frame
Crank System ISIS® PowerDrive Crank System
Gear Shifters Left and Right Handlebar Switches
Connectivity Wireless Bluetooth and Wifi



Tilt secure tablet holder allows for full comfort and adjustability whilst riding. Your tablet (Android & iOS) auto pairs with our app to track your workouts, so you just need to turn up, clip in and start riding.



The RE:GEN app simplifies your progress. The in-app AI PT feature automatically preps your workouts, adjusting your bike’s resistance automatically, according to your calorie target. So whether it’s a quick sprint ride between zoom meetings or an end of day power-hour, just bring your A-game, and let the RE:GEN take care of the rest.

'THE OHM' Battery

The 100 Wh, 6000 mAh portable battery pack, is a clean energy capsule re:charged directly from your workouts. Use it to power your devices throughout your day.



When connected your Ohm transforms into an LED power meter. Think of it as your personal PT. Your Ohm syncs to your fitness level, changing colour in real-time, with colour-zoned feedback. Challenge yourself to stay inside your Green-Zone™ and push yourself to always beat your best!



Size 20cm x 8.5cm
Weight 1kg
Power Output 2xUSB-C [100W+60W]
Material Moulded Polymer with Soft Touch Areas
Capacity 100 Watt Hours
Colour Matte Black

"Energym are the Tesla of Fitness"


""The Energym RE:GEN is an experience like no other""


"Energym awarded official 'Wired Trailblazer' Status"


Earn sweatcoins

Cash in your calories for REAL rewards in our RE:GEN app. A marketplace constantly updated with trending products tailored to you.

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workout your way

Build your workout to reach your calorie goal, beat your personal best or challenge the leaderboard.

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stay on track

Use the dashboard to monitor your progress, whether you're looking at how much energy you've generated, how many calories you've burnt, or how many minutes you've spent working out. It is all in one place for easy access.

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The RE:GEN App


The RE:GEN app empowers your workouts with a community of like-minded PWR RANGERS. AI-driven workouts, enhanced progress stats, health-kit integration and Sweatcoin rewards, keep you hooked. Earn rewards all for the cost of a few calories!


Intelligent and intuitive analytics and workout tracking mean you get the best from your workouts and push yourself to beat your best. Insights from your phones built-in health kit pull all your metrics into one screen.


The Enerbox

The Enerbox is the brains of the bike where the magic happens.


Height Adjustable
Seat Post

The seat is adjustable horizontally and vertically so you can find the perfect position for your height.


Tablet holder

The tablet holder sits above the Ohm so you can view your metrics, or even your place in the head-to-head challenge.


emergency stop

The emergency stop is only to stop the bike, all resistance is digital through buttons on the handlebars.


the ohm

The 100Wh portable battery unit that clips onto the front of the bike and also acts as an FTP meter.


Handle bars

The handle bars are designed with the ultimate adjustability for your comfort whilst riding.


dual Comfort

The seat is designed using a dual comfort saddle, which can also be easily swapped out for your own too.


front mounted

Our 15kg flywheel has patented technology and is responsible for our digital torque factoring.





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The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]
The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]

The RE:GEN + Ohm [Preorder]

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The RE:GEN is the most powerful exercise bike on the market... AND it's good for the planet.  It generates clean power from your workouts, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and rewards you for the energy you create. Ride, recharge your Ohm battery and re-use your stored energy to power your devices. A bike SO impressive, we’re already down to our last few units available within our next batch of deliveries. 

Pre-order today with a £100 deposit and pay nothing until shipping, at which point, you’ll pay the remaining balance of £1,899.

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  • Order secured with £100 deposit
  • Remaining balance of £1899 paid at point of shipping
  • We’ll notify you when your order is ready to be shipped, our current shipping time estimate is: 8 weeks.
  • The expected shipping date for pre-order products is an estimate and please note that these subject to reasonable delays in stock manufacturing and or delivery and may be subject to change.
  • Shipping is currently limited to U.K., EU, USA and Canada. 
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    Product Reviews
    & Testimonials


    Cool to see the greed to red light in front of you to try and keep in the green end to see how much power you can generate.


    It is pretty cool to be guided and have a screen to see your current power, how much power has been generated in total and your max power too.


    It is as good as other bikes, but you get to generate power. Very comfortable and easy to use. I liked the class, unlike other bikes where you have to change the resistance, it changes automatically for you like a real bike so you have to react and you get to push yourself harder.


    That was hard work, but great fun. I've used a few bikes, but that was a great one. Great machine, solid. The bike automatically changes resistance which keeps you on your toes. Makes you very competitive, more competitive than you think you are.


    Really great experience, it was great to sweat it out for a good cause by generating power.


    Energym is a tech-focused fitness start-up based in Birmingham, UK. We are a team of ground-breaking engineers and designers passionate about fitness and sustainability, and our mission is to unlock human power as a viable source of clean energy. Find out more about Team Energym on the Who We Are page.
    The RE:GEN is making waves in the fitness industry and has already generated significant interest. Our first batches have already been sold to our early backers. Fortunately, the RE:GEN’s next production run is now underway, so if you want to secure one, we’d recommend pre-ordering yours today. You’ll find your estimated delivery time in the shipping section at checkout. We’ll also email you in advance with a precise date and time for delivery.
    The weight limit is 150kg.
    The RE:GEN has both automatic and manual resistance amd both are controlled digitally. Using the Energym app, riders can let the bike set the level of resistance, which adapts automatically according to your type of workout and goal. The RE:GEN also has manual resistance and users can reduce or increase resistance using a gear-shift button on each handlebar.
    The RE:GEN at-home bike doesn’t come with a screen. Instead, it has a screen holder so that users can choose the device they watch each time they workout. We decided against adding a screen for several reasons. Firstly, because it’s not very environmentally friendly. Tech manufacturing is particularly intensive and we didn’t want to add to this unnecessarily. Secondly, we don’t believe in forcing people to use our software just because they purchased the bike from us (unlike some of our competitors who’ll remain nameless). We’d much rather people had the choice and flexibility to watch what they love when they're exercising. We know you’re just going to love the Energym app but if you don’t, then you’re free to choose other options. And with your own screen, you can watch movies and TV shows, connect to Zwift or third-party fitness apps and even take Zoom calls while you workout!
    You don’t have to sign up for the Energym app to generate clean electricity. However, without the app, you won’t have access to the software we’re building, so you’ll miss out on things like the AI-driven workouts, live-battle modes, games and much more. The RE:GEN is so much more than just its clean energy generation; we’re also working to make exercise more fun, engaging and time-efficient.
    Yes! The RE:GEN is Zwift-compatible. You’ll just need to load up the Zwift app and wirelessly pair it to your RE:GEN as normal.
    If there’s one thing the team at Energym understand, it’s power. The RE:GEN’s accurate built-in power measurement system not only displays your power stats in real-time but also calculates your FTP.
    The Ohm’s capacity is 100Wh.
    The Ohm is more than just a battery. When it's locked onto the RE:GEN, it turns into a live power meter displaying a rider’s functional threshold power (FTP). FTP is measured in watts and is a cycling metric used to calculate individual performance and measure progress. Once you’ve calculated your FTP using the app, the RE:GEN uses this as a workout indicator displaying one of three colours showing your performance in that session. For example, if you’re working out efficiently then the Ohm will show a green light but if you’re underperforming the battery will display either orange or red.
    The Ohm has 2 x USB-C charging ports allowing you to fast charge whatever you please. It can handle multiple devices (such as your phone and laptop) simultaneously. The Ohm can also be charged up with a wall charger, or the RE:GEN bike.
    We haven’t launched the app yet but we’re estimating a cost of around £19 per month for all premium app functionality.
    Earn coins by achieving the goals you set for yourself and by regularly completing your workouts. Spend your coins on our online marketplace in exchange for real rewards.
    The app has on-demand classes which users can access anytime. The RE:GEN is also Zwift-compatible and can be used with many third-party apps too.
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