Patented digital resistance with enhanced adjustability and smooth torque gear transitions for an indoor workout that feels like riding outside.

    Burn calories, not carbon with the world’s first smart electricity-generating indoor smart bike for the home.

    This is where the magic happens... The Enerbox handles smart power conversion, wireless control and air cooling inside a sleek eco black shark fin.

    The Ohm is your portable clean energy capsule. It can store up to 90Wh of clean energy and pairs with the Energym app to become a live power meter.

    The flywheel, reinvented. Capturing rotational energy and converting it into clean power that you can use.


    Your devices, human powered

    Welcome "OHM"

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    The Ohm stores up to 90Wh of your clean energy.

    Personal power, bottled (literally). The Ohm charges and stores up to 90Wh of your very own clean energy, but it’s more than just a battery. It’s also a live power meter displaying functional threshold power zones (FTP). The Ohm shows FTP using a five-colour guidelight. It's LED glow on the display, showing you where you are, and exactly where you need to be. Pushing your performance to get better each time.

    Clip in

    Charge up

    min workout
    Wh of clean power
    phones fully charged
    • The Ohm is your personal power capsule. Matte black and made from a firm moulded polymer with soft touch grips, it docks into the RE:GEN’s cradle and begins charging as you exercise. When you’ve finished your workout, unlock the Ohm and use it as a portable power bank to charge all your electronic devices like phones, laptops, and tablets.
      FTP Power Meter Fast Charging
    • 90 watt hours
    • Tech Specs
      • Dimensions

        20cm x 8.5cm

      • Weight


      • Power Output

        2x USB-C
        Fast Charge PD

      • Material

        Moulded Polymer
        with Soft Touch Grips

      • Capacity

        90 Watt Hours*
        10x 3.6v 2.5Ah Li-ion Cells

      • Colour

        Matte Black


    Energym designs and builds innovative and disruptive fitness technologies for the home. The power of exercise not only benefits individuals but can also make our planet a fitter and healthier place.



    The RE:GEN App

    Supercharge your performance

    The RE:GEN’s clean energy generation is only half the story. When paired with the Energym app, you can access intuitive analytics and integrated health-kit data. The RE:GEN is also Zwift compatible, so that you can ride for fun or race competitively in immersive virtual environments.


    Pair your RE:GEN with the Energym app and its AI will build time and calorie-burn efficient workouts by automatically adjusting the bike’s resistance. Combined with the Ohm’s live power meter, the RE:GEN makes it easier to align your performance with your long-term fitness goals.


    What the
    RE:BELS say

    • Roseanna

      Cool to see the lights on the battery in front of you, so you can see how much power you are generating.

    • Annie

      Even better than the bikes at my spin class, pestering them to upgrade to the RE:GEN. I only ever cycled at the gym as thought I wouldn't have enough space for one at home but the bike is very compact and even better than the ones in class.

    • Craig

      Im a bit of a snob when it comes to bikes. Riding an S-Works Tarmac SL7 does that to you. Tried the RE:GEN a few months back in London at a Power Ride event and lets just say I cannot wait to welcome a new love into my life.

    • Jason

      Time to get fitter + do my bit for the planet. Hopefully save a few £'s too.

    • Jayce

      Peloton, who? Seriously, the RE:GEN is all that and some. If you're a tech-geek, eco-warrior, fitness geek, whatever - this ticks all the boxes. And it looks SLICK. Nothing like it out there. Can I get a treadmill next?

    • Sariah

      Was always conscious about my energy consumption increase since working from home and now even more so with the increase in costs. I stumbled across the RE:GEN by chance and Im so glad that I did.

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    • Ohm Battery

      1x OHM CAPSULE

    • 1x RE:GEN RIDE


    Our Mission

    Learn about our mission to create fitter people and a healthier planet for us all.

    Our Mission

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    Still Got Questions?

    Ahhh, we're so glad you asked. Where do we begin? The RE:GEN isn't just the worlds smartest bike thats good for our planet. It's got big brains contained within a a high-spec, sleekly designed bike that is packed with features intricately designed for you. As you'll be riding for the future, we believe you deserve for us to geek out on your experience. So, from the moment you saddle up, you'll be spoiled with an ergonomic design, micro-adjustability and digital resistance, all designed to mimic the enjoyment of a smooth, comfortable, real ride. Combined with the RE:GEN app, we've built an eco-system that incorporates A.I to push, incentivise and reward you for achieving your clean energy & fitness goals.

    We're currently working towards our next stock-drop, which can be Pre-Ordered today. Details on estimated shipping dates will be provided to you during checkout.

    During checkout, you'll be provided with an estimated shipping date. Once your order is ready to be shipped, we'll send you a notification and keep you updated as your RE:GEN makes its way to its new home.

    Paying in full entitles you to a £100 discount on the RRP of the RE:GEN. However, both options secure your RE:GEN in the next stock-drop.


    Footprint: 120 x 52 cm / 3’9” x 1’7”
    Maximum Height: 110 cm / 3’6”
    Assembled Weight:
    55 kg / 120 lb
    User Height Range: 147 - 196 cm / 4’10” - 6’5”
    Maximum User Weight: 150 kg / 330 lb
    Safe-Zone Footprint: 230 x 172 cm / 7’7” x 5’6”
    Frame Material: Welded Carbon Steel
    Flywheel Weight: 17 kg / 37.5 Ib
    Connectivity:  Wireless
    Q-Factor: 200mm
    Pedals: Dual sided, SPD compatible

    Size: 20 x 8.5 cm / 7.9” x 3.3”
    Weight: 1 kg / 2.2 Ib
    Power Output: 2x USB-C [100W + 60W]
    Material: Housing : ABS and PC
    Capacity: 2600mAh
    Output: 90 Wh
    Voltage: 10S1P 36V
    Chemistry: Li-Ion

    The average 30-minute workout generates enough power to fully charge your Ohm battery. That's enough electricity to fully charge 10 iPhones (or iPads) or 2.5 laptops. ⚡️

    If you don't have much space, your first thought may be that you have no room for the RE:GEN. However, we've packed the RE:GENs big brains and sleek features into a small footprint, meaning it'll fit in even the smallest of spaces. All you need is 60cm / 24" surrounding your ride.

    We chose not to include a screen with the RE:GEN because we care about the environment. Chances are you already own a device that you can stream and download content on. Using your own devices, instead of a built-in screen is better for the planet and makes the RE:GEN more affordable. We've featured an adjustable tablet holder on your RE:GEN to house your own personal devices, meaning you get the freedom to watch and subscribe to the digital platforms you want - fitness apps or otherwise - without being tied into Energym's software.

    We always recommend the Energym app, in order to experience the RE:GEN to its full capability. The app delivers enhanced functionality with FTP Colour Zoning on your Ohm battery, as well as providing real-time fitness tracking, tailored workouts and personalised energy generation stats.

    Yes! Our smart-bike enables you to connect with any of your favourite cycle apps. Full details on how to pair your RE:GEN will be included in the User Manual.

    Our patented digital resistance gear shifters deliver enhanced adjustability and a smooth application, ensuring a real-ride feel. You'll also be able to adjust the RE:GENs resistance through our app, or if you prefer a more traditional method, via the emergency stop button.

    Our products have been manufactured to the highest standards and quality. However, for your reassurance your RE:GEN is guaranteed against material or manufacturing faults as per the following*: Frame - 3 Years Components - 12 Months Energym warrants the components and all original parts of The RE:GEN other than pedals, including its belt, brake resistance, crankshaft, seat post, handlebars and water bottle holder, against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months from the date of original delivery. Labour - 12 Months Energym will cover the labour cost for the repair or replacement made under this Warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of original delivery. *T&C and exclusions apply.

    We'll notify you when your bike is ready to be shipped. The balance of £1899, and calculated cost of shipping will then be taken, before your RE:GEN makes its way to you. We understand that sometimes, circumstances change, so if you'd like to postpone your delivery, please contact us.

    The Ohm features two USB ports, allowing you to charge any devices that can be powered via USB.