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You already know about solar power. Let us introduce you to another form of microgeneration — human power. Your members already generate energy when they exercise; you just aren’t capturing it. The RE:GEN Studio is an electricity-generating indoor cycling bike that captures and converts human power and turns it into clean electricity. Imagine off-setting your energy bills with renewable energy you’re already capable of creating. There's power in numbers - an installation with 40 RE:GEN rides and 5 daily classes can generate enough electricity to light up 80 homes per day.

Turn exercise into electricity with the RE:GEN Studio

  • Electrical Power Generation
  • Mission: Carbon Zero
  • Higher Member Retention

STORM Cycle Studio Installation, Berlin.

We've just completed a 42-bike installation at STORM Cycle Studio in Berlin. STORM runs between 5 and 7 classes per day, giving them a potential power generation of up to 8 kWh per session and between 40 and 60 kWh per day to power the studio's air conditioning, lighting, and sound systems.

Spex Appeal

A.I Driven Software

Each RE:GEN has a touch-screen display showing personalised workout metrics, power-generation statistics, and live in-class leaderboards updated in real time. Indoor cycling classes have always been about training together, but now riders can zero in on their own metrics and receive power reward incentives to keep them engaged with their fitness goals. Our Premier Studio software experience dashboard provides intelligent member insights and smart-power management, including error logging, reporting and diagnostics.

Digital Torque Factoring

One-touch gear shifters positioned on the underside of each handlebar bring the feel of outdoor riding inside. When riders are ready to dial up (or down) the intensity, the RE:GEN Studio’s digital resistance is so smooth that it feels almost supernatural. An inbuilt wireless system allows instructors to control resistance for the entire class, pushing riders to supercharge their performance in every session.

Clean Energy Generation

Your cycling studio doesn’t have to cost the earth. All indoor cycling bikes generate mechanical energy, but it’s the RE:GEN that uses electro-mechanical technology to capture and convert human power into clean useable electricity.

Patented Smart Technology

Three years of R&D means the RE:GEN Studio generates and stores human power at higher efficiencies than Energym’s competitors. Your facility can capture more renewable energy throughout each session.
Tech Specs
  • Footprint

    120 x 52 cm / 3’9” x 1’7”

  • Weight

    55kg / 12Ib

  • Frame

    Carbon Steel

  • Pedals

    Dual sided, SPD compatible

  • Resistance

    Max 1950Watts at 200RPM

  • Q Factor


+A.I Driven Software
+Digital Torque Factoring
+Clean Energy Generation
+Patented Smart Technology

Your Gym, Human Powered

Smart Workouts

Big Benefits

Clean energy

Introducing a new type of renewable energy. A single cycle session with 30 RE:GENs, can generate enough clean electricity to light 12 homes for a day. With multiple sessions a day, your clean power-potential is seriously supercharged. The RE:GEN, combined with our Smart Energy Storage System, empowers your members to drive their energy directly into your facility. Technology that allows you to get smarter with your power, helping you win the race towards net-zero. Human Power: ON.


Have you found adopting a meaningful sustainability strategy difficult? Businesses face increased financial and social pressure to be more sustainable, and gyms are no exception. Achieving significant carbon savings can be challenging when you don’t own the building you’re operating from, and your landlord may not feel sufficiently incentivised to help. One thing gyms and fitness studios can control is the equipment inside their facilities, and that’s where we come in.

Power-up Classes

Workouts are RE:IMAGINED with the RE:GEN Studio. Classes are more fun and competitive thanks to real-time leaderboards, live gaming packages and challenges, incentivised workout tracking, FTP Smart Power Zoning, and instructor-controlled digital resistance. Owners and instructors can also access equipment usage data, member analytics and insights, proactive servicing and fault reporting, and clean-energy usage and optimisation data. And all inside a sleek user interface.

Attract & Retain

72% of consumers consider sustainability in purchasing decisions, according to YouGov. Your current gym members and future potential members are likely to be more selective with whom they spend their membership fees. Creating human-generated electricity is a great USP for your marketing team, and it aligns your business values with the social and environmental beliefs of your members and those within your target market.

"Energym's tech gave our members an unrivalled immersive experience."

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RE:GEN Studio Cycles


MWh of energy generated


kg's of carbon saved

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Our Mission

Learn about our mission to create fitter people and a healthier planet for us all.

Our Mission

For Business

  • Full Installation provided
  • Re:assurance warranty
  • Immersive software packages
  • Custom installs available


Your RE:GEN rides will connect to an on-site Energy Storage System (ESS), which enables the power created during each workout to be fed directly into your building, powering your facility. The benefits? Reducing your energy consumption (and therefore, saving you £!) alongside lowering your carbon footprint. Depending on the number of bikes, and their utilisation, this can result in significant savings for your gym.

Energym studio installations take around 2 weeks to complete, this includes the electrical wiring and equipment set up.

This depends on number of bikes, battery size and software package you select. After completing a discovery call, we'll be able to provide you with an estimate based on your requirements.

We're currently receiving a high demand for our installations, so please don't be disappointed if we're unable to turn-around your request right away. You'll be able to secure any of our currently available installation slots with a deposit after contacting us.

This fully integrated solution offers you the greatest potential in terms of clean-energy generation and utilisation. The Energy Storage System, enables you to feed the power generated from each class, directly into your building, enabling you to deliver energy to power your facility. Also, your Smart-ESS also enables you to benefit from peak vs off-peak charging, maximising your off-peak tariff - meaning you get the additional advantage of cheaper power throughout the day. However, as an alternative, you can consider the RE:GEN with the OHM, as these bikes require no Energy Storage System, as you will use your clean power by plugging USB devices into the Ohm batteries, however, there is a limitation to how much energy can be captured due to the capacity of the OHM being c.100Wh each. Some of our existing clients with this solution have provided/offered their members the ability to purchase a personal Ohm battery which they can re-charge during their workout, enabling them to take the power they’ve created home with them to power their day.

Yes! As well as custom installations, we also offer custom branding featuring on your RE:GEN rides.

We partner with some internationally renowned gym designers and installers, so we also supply low-energy pulsing LED lighting, through to custom-built stages and more! We can provide these services for you, without you having to negotiate with, or project manage, multiple suppliers. Meaning, all thats left for you to do is turn your human power, on!

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