Press Release: Energym Announce Strategic Partnership with Sweatcoin

Press Release: Energym Announce Strategic Partnership with Sweatcoin

 Energym, a pioneering UK health tech startup, and Sweatcoin, a digital health incentives application that rewards healthy lifestyle choices, have partnered to enable Energym's customers to get incentives through their workouts. Customers can earn sweatcoins for completing a workout, and then spend them in the custom-built Energym marketplace. 

At a time where the population is becoming increasingly more aware of their health and fitness, along with the government-driven battle against obesity, Energym are committed to providing fitness incentives to, encourage people to take up exercise and to support people in sticking to a routine, helping them achieve their goals. The partnership between Energym and Sweatcoin will support in driving this mission forward.

Sweatcoin's mission is to create a 'healthier you, and a healthier planet', by incentivising physical activity and enabling sweatcoin donations to charitable causes through "Sweatcoin for Good".

Beyond health and fitness, we're working together to make a positive impact on the planet-through Sweatcoin for Good and our workout bike's ability to generate clean energy from cycling. Aligned in both our mission and ethos, we aim to raise the quality of life of our customers by empowering them to make good choices concerning their health and the planet.

Energym is a precision engineering tech start-up based in Birmingham. Founded in 2017 by CEO Will Flint, it has worked alongside some of the country's top universities and engineers to develop technology able to capture and convert human generated energy via gym equipment, and then turn it into useable electrical power.

Our clean energy generating gym equipment isn't just technology for technology's sake. We want to make a contribution to the fight against climate change. It's why we're not only putting our bikes into gyms and commercial fitness centres but into people's homes, too.

Find out more about the RE:GEN for the home and the RE:GEN Studio for gyms. 

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