Why Choose Energym?

Electrical Power Generation
Mission: Carbon Zero
Higher Member Retention
Electrical Power Generation

Our technology unlocks the energy from your members workouts, converting into clean electricity which can be used to help power your building. Our patent-pending ultra-efficient systems result in more energy utilised, meaning your club can start reducing overheads and see a return on investment from its equipment.

Mission : Carbon Zero

Reducing carbon emissions are a critical part of the future generations. Businesses are coming under increased fiscal pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. Gyms however, have limited means of going green. Leases restrict the ability to install solar, or even switch energy suppliers. One thing gyms can control, is the equipment that resides in their facility. That's where we come in...

Higher Membership retention

Energym's technology captures the imaginations of many. Our research has shown that gym members want the energy from their workouts to be recycled. In fact, the repurposing of power incentivises members to stay more consistent with their routines. This meaning new member acquisition and higher membership retention.

Cycle Studios That ZERO The Competition

Energym's studio grade installations have a roster of benefits, including low carbon, energy reductions and increased member retention.


Energym's technology has levelled up our facility! Giving our members an unrivalled immersive, experience.

Gymshark Lifting Club

Meet The RE:GEN - Studio Edition

Our RE:GEN Studio grade indoor fitness bikes feature a wealth of cutting edge smart technology. This includes instructor lead resistance, FTP meter colour training, ergo mode, wide adjustability settings, not to mention its sleek, stand-out design.

RE:GEN Studio Gym Installation
RE:GEN Studio Gym Installation
RE:GEN Studio Gym Installation
RE:GEN Studio Gym Installation

RE:GEN Studio Gym Installation

  • High Demand
  • Immersive Software Package
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction
  • Service Warranty
Current Waiting List: 6 Months


Energym's RE:GEN Studio grade bikes are our patent-pending clean energy generating fitness cycles. In a spin studio setting, RE:GEN bikes capture the power from your members workouts and push the power into our power levelling unit, which then feeds the energy as electricity directly into your building. Reducing your external energy consumption and lowering your carbon footprint. Depending on the number of bikes, and their utilisation, this can result in significant savings for your gym.

Energym studio installations take around 2 weeks to complete, this includes the electrical wiring and equipment set up.

Energym's studio systems start from around £39,000. Depending on number of bikes, battery size and software requirements it will vary accordingly. Currently, however we are only working with a select few clients for our installations. Please get in touch for more details.