Gymshark took the RE:GEN for a spin!

Gymshark HQ Building

We took the RE:GEN bike down to our good friends down at Gymshark and let their team take it for a spin!

We've worked closely with Gymshark since graduating from their business accelerator programme, and we're proud to give them a sneak peek of what we've been creating... and put their power performance to the test ;-)



Here are some of their favourite features of the RE:GEN:

  • The sleek ergonomic design
  • The ability to capture and convert your own electrical power
  • The digital Sweatcoin incentives
  • The smooth gear-shifting resistance

We spoke to Jonny Hammond, Head Coach at the GSLC to get his opinion...

It's a "Win, Win!" for Jonny, and a yes from Jade!

The RE:GEN Home Edition has 2 variations, one for the home, which includes "The Ohm" battery pack, which charges up as you ride, and allows you to unclip and use your energy to power all of your important devices.

The RE:GEN Studio Edition is a robust version which connects to multiple RE:GEN bikes and flows the energy into a much bigger battery unit which connects and feeds directly into the gym's facility.

You can check out some more behind the scenes from the team in our wrap up video! You can also find out more about installing the RE:GEN and it's electricity-generating technology into your gym.


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