Do You Have Peloton Regret?

woman regretful being comforted

We've all had buyer's remorse: the dead-weight that drops into your stomach after a big purchase.

It's common with exercise equipment because aren't we all looking for that magic bullet? We all want to find a way to make our workouts more effective, efficient and enjoyable.

And Peloton bikes are sleek and they're sexy, and wouldn't one just look perfect in your house the way it does in those aspirational commercials with the beautiful people furiously peddling to a banging soundtrack?

If only buying the damn thing was enough.

It doesn't matter how much you've paid for your peloton or how much you're debited every month for the classes, you still have to show up and do the work or your all-singing, all-dancing bike just becomes an expensive clothes horse.

Peloton regret is real.

And even if you are using your peloton regularly, at $2000 for a basic bike and then $35 a month to subscribe to the app for on-demand and live classes, you may feel as if you've spent more than you should have.

We all get carried away, and you're not alone.

Peloton sales are up 172% this year due to COVID. Restrictions on gym openings, class cancellations, lockdowns, social distancing and isolating, have all contributed to at-home exercise equipment sales.


What is Peloton Regret?


Peloton regret is what happens when you sink almost $3000 on an at-home bike (and an additional monthly subscription) and then wish you hadn't.

It's a popular Google query: people pulling the trigger on a bike and then turning to the peloton community for reassurance. Of course, active Peloton users are its biggest cheerleaders.

It's worth pointing out that a lot of people love their peloton bikes.

Some say they wish they'd bought one years ago, so we aren't saying that Peloton bikes aren't worth it (because clearly, they're working for a lot of people), but they're not for everyone, and they cost two thousand dollars+. It's a lot of money to then feel guilty about spending.

Of course, Peloton competitors have released their own bikes and there are cheaper peloton alternatives available. If you haven't decided to buy a bike yet, then it might be worth holding fire.

We're taking pre-orders right now for the Energym RE:GEN. It's a clean-energy generating indoor bike. The bike captures and converts the electricity created during each exercise session. Riders also earn Sweatcoins for exercising to spend on digital rewards and products. Oh, and the RE:GEN is Zwift compatible. We're not saying throw out your Peloton and choose ours, but it is worth thinking clearly and carefully about what you want from an indoor smart bike, because they're jam-packed with tech nowadays. One person's perfect purchase could be another's buyer's remorse. 

And this is nothing new for the fitness industry. Remember the infomercials of decades past? People paid for thigh masters, stair masters, vibrating exercise belts, ab-toning belts and sauna suits, etc. How many of us have signed-up to a gym in January, and then cancelled by March? 

And it's all relative.

Some people will get buyer's remorse on a $20 or £20 piece of kit.


How to Combat Peloton Buyers Remorse


There are several ways to combat Peloton regret.


  • You can cancel your order before it ships. COVID-19 has seen a surge in demand and a corresponding drop in product availability. There have been several media reports of peloton customers cancelling orders after waiting months for them to arrive. If you're genuinely concerned that you've made a bad decision, then take advantage of this and cancel as soon as possible.

  • You can also return the bike within 30-days of installation for a full refund.

  • Too late to return the bike? One of the simplest ways to relieve peloton buyers remorse is to simply start using the bike.  Get your money's worth by jumping on and enjoying it. At-home gym equipment is always going to be an investment but over time you may find you're saving money on a regular gym membership by exercising at home. Making a commitment to using it could be what turns you into a super-fan. Try taking two or three classes a week and see how you go.

  • You can also sell your Peloton bike second-hand. Given the initial cost of the bike and the long delivery times right now, they're selling quickly so you should be able to recoup most of your money.

  • Alternatives to Peloton are also worth considering, and you'll find several competitors in the space offering the convenience, community connection, competitive classes, and attractive design of a peloton at a more affordable price point. Remember, too, that a basic exercise-bike set-up works for some people. You don't have to have all those expensive bells-and-whistles.  There's everything from the Watt Bike to NordicTrack, the RE:GEN to Echelon.  Find second-hand equipment. If you have a road bike, you can also buy a turbo-trainer and exercise indoors during the colder months. 

Peloton regret is just a brand-specific version of buyer's remorse. Most of us have handed over our credit card details and then felt bad about it at one time or another. You have choices, though. There always things you can do after that initial purchase to rectify a genuine buyer's mistake or ways to live with your decision.  If you're looking to buy a smart indoor cycling bike or a Peloton alternative, then check out the electricity-generating RE:GEN.  


Energym bike in a gray bedroom


  • The RE:GEN captures the energy generated during a workout and converts it into clean useable electricity

  • The Ohm is the RE:GEN portable battery that stores the power generated during each workout. Once a rider is done, they unlock it from the bike's frame and take it with them to power their electronic devices. 

  • The Ohm also transforms into a personal power metre displaying functional threshold power (FTP) using a patent-pending TriZone colour LED system. 

  • It's 10-inches slimmer than a Peloton

  • Its complex energy generation and load balancing is handled by an electronics module and housed inside the Enerbox on the back of the bike.

  • Pair with the Energym app to experience on-demand workouts, live battle-modes and games. 

  • Custom-built workouts via the Energym app keep users on track to smash their fitness goals and to maintain motivation. 

  • Earn Sweatcoins with every workout you complete

  • The RE:GEN is Zwift-compatible

 woman riding indoor bike with no peloton regret


You can pre-order your bike today here. 


  • Fran

    This company is crappy!!! I should of returned from the beginning. The screen didn’t work from the get go!! They gave me a new on and now this one doesn’t work. They want 900 $ because it’s out of warranty and they do hot help you find the solution. I’ve asked a computer guy to help and he called Peloton and they hung up on him as soon as he called the customer support/ technical btw. The cycle -you can not shift gears on it!!!

  • Fran

    This company is crappy!!! I should of returned from the beginning. The screen didn’t work from the get go!! They gave me a new on and now this one doesn’t work. They want 900 $ because it’s out of warranty and they do hot help you find the solution. I’ve asked a computer guy to help and he called Peloton and they hung up on him as soon as he called the customer support/ technical btw. The cycle -you can not shift gears on it!!!

  • Nick

    I have a Peloton tread. Only a few months of use and doesn’t power on. Somebody had the brains to install an electrical fuse to it, but for some reason Peloton doesn’t have the brains to try to first to replace that. Here is what they have been doing instead, and I wish I was joking, but I’m not: they sent a team of 2, with a big truck, and replaced everything on the machine from above the base (rails, etc.). I said guys, when electrical device that has a fuse stops working, wouldn’t it be natural to replace the $5 fuse first? I’m not paying either way because I have a warranty, but… They are like no, we replace the rails first because they have lots of wiring lol. Ok, they did that, and surely didn’t work. They said ok, we will come back in 2 weeks to replace the entire base. So 2 trips x 2 people each, big truck, gas, labor, new side rails, new base. In other words probably $5k instead of $5 on a fuse. That tells me everything about the company, products, supervision, and also how long they can be in business…

  • Peloton Is Crap. Always Has Been. Anyone Saying Otherwise Is A Fucking Liar.

    Peleton is crap. The company is collapsing, and good riddance. They deserve to fail.

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