How can exercise increase focus and productivity in the workplace?

Ever felt like you're stuck in a rut at work? Lacking productivity and struggling to focus? Whilst you're definitely not...

Ever felt like you're stuck in a rut at work? Lacking productivity and struggling to focus? Whilst you're definitely not alone, that doesn't help you break out of it! We've all heard the sayings "go for a walk", "do some exercise", "get those endorphins flowing". You're probably aware there's a lot of truth in it, yet we consistently fail to prioritise exercise, especially when we're short of time.


Part of the reason is that it can seem counterintuitive that you would remove yourself entirely from an environment where you're meant to be productive. But that's the point. If you're no longer being productive in the space you're designed to be, forcing yourself to endure it for longer is unlikely to drive results. The second reason is that we fail to acknowledge the powerful relationship between mind and body: mental and physical health.

In the modern world, much of our lives are consumed by sitting at a desk, often for upwards of 8 hours a day. We neglect our bodies and continue pushing ourselves mentally to hit deadlines and targets. And then, once we do get the chance to let our minds switch off, we clutter our mental space by mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. It's no wonder we struggle to focus when habits like these, condition our brains to crave constant stimulation, in turn reducing attention span.

Whether you prefer lifting weights, going for a run, or joining that weekly spin class, the evidence is clear that any exercise is better than no exercise. Cardio, especially, has huge benefits, not just in the way it can be easily integrated into an individual's lifestyle, but also for its tremendous benefits to cardiovascular health, the immune system, and reducing one's risk to a number of diseases.

The list of benefits for our mental health is equally long, with exercise contributing to reducing anxiety and negative mood and improving self-esteem not to mention better cognitive performance and sleep quality. However, the biggest issue can be finding the time. For many, it's not desirable (or even possible with other commitments) to follow an exhausting day in the office with a full-blown gym session. So how to get around it?

A recent trend in workplace wellness has seen some employers fitting offices with recharge rooms, yoga pods, and meditation bubbles at a time when employees report stress levels to be 20% higher than they were just three years ago. A study by Leeds Metropolitan University found that employees who exercised during their working day experienced greater satisfaction, better time management as well as boosting levels of productivity.

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