Faced with the challenge of continuously improving guest
service, meeting higher-customer expectations while also battling rising costs?

Meet the RE:GEN, a solution to tackle it all.

Why Choose Energym?

Electrical Power Generation
Mission: Carbon Zero
Higher Member Retention

Meet The RE:GEN - Hotel Edition

At Energym, we’ve developed the world's first indoor smart-bike that captures and converts the energy from workouts in reusable power, creating efficiencies of up to 93%. We’ve unlocked a completely new type of sustainable power that offers the perfect in-room offer or in-gym solution that can be used to power your Hotel.


Hotels spend a lot on energy. In fact, a recent study conducted by Energy Star found hotels spend an estimated £1684 per room each year. Energym’s clean-energy generating technology provides a unique and engaging solution that directly reduces your energy costs, carbon footprint and supports you on your mission towards net-zero.


Guests love new tech and care about sustainability. Trends only set to increase. Current data highlights that 73% of travellers would be more likely to choose accommodation if it has implemented sustainability practices. As for that corporate revenue you’re looking to re-attract this year? 51% of business travel booking agents are seeking hotels that have a clear sustainability agenda

As society becomes more environmentally conscious, this changing attitude is filtering into the way guests choose where they stay. With thousands of new rooms being added to UK inventory alone in 2022, Energym’s innovative, tech-driven solutions enable you to:

Stand-out and grow RGI with a unique offer

Immerse guests in your sustainability agenda

Improve guest health & wellbeing

Meet expectations for new tech-led experiences


Hotel gym space is often smaller than the typical commercial gym. However, size really doesn’t matter when it comes to attracting, engaging and retaining your members. Even when competing in a saturated leisure market.

Our in-gym installations deliver big energy benefits and deliver opportunities to maximise your space. Plus, our AI-driven, gamified software is proven to significantly improve member loyalty.


Our RE:GEN studio-grade bike features cutting-edge, smart technology with instructor-led resistance, FTP meter colour training, ergo mode and wide adjustability settings, in a sleek design.

RE:designed personalised workouts help members achieve their goals and with our Zwift integration, they also get access to live head-to-head battle modes and an exclusive Sweatcoin marketplace, where they can save money on their favourite brands, all for the cost of a few calories.


Energym's RE:GEN Studio grade bikes are our patent-pending clean energy generating fitness cycles. In a spin studio setting, RE:GEN bikes capture the power from your members workouts and push the power into our power levelling unit, which then feeds the energy as electricity directly into your building. Reducing your external energy consumption and lowering your carbon footprint. Depending on the number of bikes, and their utilisation, this can result in significant savings for your gym.

Energym studio installations take around 2 weeks to complete, this includes the electrical wiring and equipment set up.

Energym's studio systems start from around £39,000. Depending on number of bikes, battery size and software requirements it will vary accordingly. Currently, however we are only working with a select few clients for our installations. Please get in touch for more details.

Our waiting list is currently 3 months, however we are now onboarding new hotel clients. Please complete the enquiry form above to find out more details and book a call.