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Workplaces RE:defined

The future of sustainable workspaces.

  • Electrical Power Generation
  • Mission: Carbon Zero
  • Attract, Engage and Retain


The ECO:POD is a self-contained area that delivers an immersive, gamified fitness experience within the workplace. Our modular pods enable you to choose from meditation, yoga and cycle zones that each support work, workout, rest, and play. Each ECO:POD is designed for either 3 or 5 RE:GEN indoor cycling bikes with 100Wh Ohm batteries that capture your teams power as they ride.


Healthier workdays

Power-up your teams productivity with our ECO:POD, featuring the "Most Innovative Fitness Bike, 2023", the RE:GEN. Enable your team to start their day with a ride, or host 1:1's in a new, sustainable way - every ride producing clean-energy that is stored in the Ohm battery, that can be used to power your teams day.


Demonstrate your commitment to colleague physical and mental wellness, enabling teams to re:set within an immersive space.


Empower your team to create human power collectively through exercise, and get ahead in the race for net zero.


Adapting your talent strategy for a hybrid world? The ECO:POD's features positively impacts attraction, retention & engagement of talent.

meet the re:GEN

Named 2023's "Most Innovative Fitness Bike"



  • Charges 11 phones, 2.6 laptops, 11 iPad Pros
    One 25-minute workout generates around 100Wh, so employees can enjoy an energy and health-boosting ride while generating the clean electricity that will charge their electronic devices. 
  • 100 watt hours
  • Tech Specs
    • Dimensions

      20cm x 8.5cm

    • Weight


    • Power Output

      2x USB-C
      Fast Charge PD

    • Material

      Moulded Polymer
      with Soft Touch Grips

    • Capacity

      100 Watt Hours*
      10x 3.6v 2.6Ah Cells

    • Colour

      Matte Black

The Energym Effect


Of employees felt motivated to do their best job as a result of the ability to exercise at work.


Higher employee engagement scores for companies who focus on ESG.


Improvement in workload completed when exercise conducted during the workday.


Absolutely! Our ECO:POD and RE:GEN Stations are entirely self-contained and modular, meaning, you can benefit from the Energym effect, even in the smallest of unused spaces.

YES! Additional OHM batteries can be purchased for £199. If you ask us, there's no better add-on to our ECO:POD or RE:GEN station, than equipping your teams with their own Ohm batteries! However, each battery holds enough power to fully charge 11 phones, 2.6 laptops or 11 iPad Pro's, sharing is definitely still caring!

The c.100Wh capacity Ohm is, on average, charged with a 25-minute cycle session. Once charged, the Ohm will fully charge 11 phones, 2.6 laptops or 11 iPad Pro's! Small and mighty...

Of course! We understand that causing as little disruption to your team during their working day is key. Our full delivery and installation service can offer out-of-hours slots to ensure that there's no impact on productivity.

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