Corporate Wellness

Wellbeing in the workplace means creating an environment where physical and mental health are as important as physical safety. We all understand that employers have a duty of care in preventing physical injury and illness during the working day, but now more companies are switching on to the fact that supporting the mental and physical health of employees is equally as important.

It doesn't need to be an entirely altruistic response, either. Research consistently shows that when workers feel happy and supported in the workplace, they're more productive and they perform better at their jobs. Workplace wellbeing can take on several forms that can be adapted to your business and personnel. It could mean promoting physical health.

We know that exercise in the workplace increases focus and productivity; it helps manage stress, can help treat employee burnout as well as reduce illness. Crucially, it also reduces incidences of absence and presenteeism two things that cost the UK economy £73 billion each year.

According to the British Heart Foundation, businesses that invest in the physical and mental health of their employees could see an ROI of £4.17 for each £1 spent. What's more, the global economy could be boosted by up to $100 billion each year if employers were able to encourage employees to exercise the equivalent of just 15-minutes walking every day.


The RE:GEN is the world's first energy-generating smart fitness bike. Using our patent-pending technology, the RE:GEN captures and converts your workouts into clean electricity you can use to power your devices.


The Ohm is your very own 100Wh portable battery pack or, as we like to call it, your clean-energy capsule that allows you to unlock personal power. Charge up your Ohm with your workouts then take it with you throughout your day to power up to 5 of your devices simultaneously.


The Energym App is packed full of exciting features, from A.I. tailored workouts, online challenges, and games, to unlocking Sweatcoin rewards by staying consistent and smashing your fitness goals and then sharing your successes to the Energym Community. Gamified leaderboards and connected challenges are perfect for corporate events.

How it works


Employees kick-start their day with a workout on a RE:GEN. With a choice of: A.I. Tailored workouts, battles modes, or on-demand classes, everyone can be sure to find the workout that suits them.


Your Ohm charges from the moment you start working out. It takes around 45 minutes to fully charge up a 100Wh Ohm. Once the workout is complete, you simply unclip the Ohm and take it with you.


Whether it's a zoom call or a day spent at or away from the desk, the Ohm allows you to power all of your devices. A full charge (from a 45-minute workout) gives you: 11 Phone Charges or 2.6 Laptop Charges.

The Energym Office ECO:POD

Energym's In Office ECO:PODs are a beautiful addition to your office. When you slide the bamboo doors open, inside the Pod features Energym RE:GEN bikes in a cinematic display, along with a range of workout equipment and technology.  Allowing your employees to do their daily workouts inside a cinematic escape during their work-breaks. Fun experiential exercise, key for enhancing staff wellbeing and boosting productivity throughout the day.

Inside the RE:GEN bikes provide power to the flexible work space connected to the pod. This is a collaborative work area featuring charging pads, sockets for hot-desking workers, in a stunning low carbon eco-garden area.

Built modularly, the Energym ECO:PODs come in a range of sizes and are designed to offer important workout space tailored to your employees, an re:define the new office working space.

The Power Potential

One Person:

A single person, doing a single workout per day using their RE:GEN will easily fill their 100Wh Ohm battery, if they did this each day for 1 month, they would generate 3kWhs, enough to power:

A washing machine load330 phone charges78 laptop charges750 Alexa Jokes (4W per joke)

Business impact


Increased physical health. Exercise reduces the risks of health complications arising from inactivity. Working out regularly reduces the risk of chronic health conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, muscle and bone weakness. Sitting at a desk for extended periods during the day also weakens the body's immune response.Enhanced mental wellbeing. One study by Deloitte found that for every £1 spent on mental health interventions, businesses got £5 back in reduced absence and presenteeism.Reduces staff turnover. Employees are more likely to recommend their company to others if the business supports wellbeing initiatives.Increased employee morale through incentivised fitness and corporate challengesReduce your Corporate Carbon Footprint even when employees are not on premiseBe an industry leader in the mission to carbon zeroReduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources while your employees are working remotely

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