The RE:GEN App Update

The RE:GEN App Update
Another update from me on our progress and development! We are well underway with our software progress and the app build.
I bet most of you know the features of the app by now, but for those who don't... Here's a quick recap (things may also have developed):
  1. AI built workouts - using your daily calorie burn goal to build your personalised workouts to make sure you are always on track to reach your goals. It is like having a personal PT in your pocket.

  2. Gamification - allowing you to race other members of the app in real-time and throw resistance Mario-kart style.

  3. FTP meter - this is your light on the battery, it learns your fitness level and glows green when you reach your peak output, amber when you are nearly there and red when you aren't giving it your all... Constant motivation. This also links into the gamification, so when someone throws resistance at you, your resistance will only increase relative to your green zone resistance.

  4. Energym Market Place - earning Sweatcoins from your workouts to spend on our exclusive market place getting discounts and rewards from your favourite brands.

  5. Leaderboard and membership section - share your workout data, meet others in the Energym community and stay updated.
There are so many features and we have tried to build it so there is something for everyone...

The app is currently up and running on our phones in-house and we are running tests and trialling the different features to perfection ready for it to go live when you all receive your RE:GEN bikes!

It was so important to us to bring people together as you are creating power.
We have made the app as fun and engaging as possible to use and so not only do you get the most out of your RE:GEN bike, but also get the most out of your fitness journey.

After the next few weeks, we will be well into beta testing... Watch the video below for an introduction to the RE:GEN App...

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