The Power of Good – Energym at Bloomberg HQ for PWR RIDE

The Power of Good – Energym at Bloomberg HQ for PWR RIDE

In November 2021, Energym took seventeen of our electricity-generating indoor bikes to London for the first public demonstration of its technology (full video below). Over two days, 250+riders saddled up in the Bloomberg Arcade to ride in 25-minute indoor cycling classes, including Olympic champions Laura and Jason Kenny.

Speaking to the BBC after their session, the Kenny’s were clearly impressed with the RE:GEN, telling a live TV audience that generating clean energy from static bikes is a “match made in heaven” for at-home and indoor cyclists.


Jason Laura Kenny Energym Challenge

Each 25-minute instructor-led session had teams made up of four riders competing to generate the most energy. Displayed on the stage’s large screen were individual and group totals along with the session’s overall power generation.

All the energy created throughout the event was transferred and stored inside a central battery unit. The glory wasn’t the only thing at stake over the two days; the event was also about creating clean energy and putting that power to good use. Greenhouse, a London-based charity, received the 32kWh of power generated at the Bloomberg Arcade to support its work in helping disadvantaged children learn essential life skills.

Coordinated between Bloomberg, Square Mile Sport, and Benchmark, the event was a major success, with everyone involved working tirelessly to ensure its smooth running. Additional support came from Beyond Sport, who work closely with Square Mile to help facilitate action for good causes.

Of course, it wasn’t just about creating clean energy. It was about showing the power of exercise, too. Research has shown how physical activity improves mental wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. It can also reduce presenteeism. And where better to put that to the test than at a building with more than 4000 staff.

After each session, riders received a portable battery pack (ready to charge their electronic devices) and a reusable water bottle.

After several years in development, seeing the technology centre stage couldn’t have been sweeter for Will Flint, Energym’s CEO. And speaking after the event, Will alluded to the company’s plans, stating the company was “excited to kickstart this initiative globally”.

Do get in touch with Energym if you’re interested in running your clean energy generating event. 


Energym Jason Kenny Laura Kenny






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