Sustainable Gym Equipment: 5 Reasons it Belongs in Your Fitness Centre

Being eco-friendly used to mean separating the paper, cardboard, and plastic in our rubbish bins. It meant planting trees and dropping small change into green charity shakers made us all feel we were doing our bit for climate change. We used to think that unleaded petrol and printing on recycled paper was enough.

Now we know better.

As a business owner, you'll want to do better, too.

Why Sustainable Gym Equipment Belongs in Your Gym

Businesses are having a tough time right now and becoming eco-friendlier can add weight to an already straining budget. But reducing your company's carbon footprint can also reduce your energy bills and attract new members.

Eco-awareness is huge right now. It's growing. Consumers aren't just making decisions with their credit cards; they're doing it with their consciences, too.

Business owners should be ready to capitalise on this. It doesn't have to be done cynically, either. We all have a responsibility in the fight against climate change. We should also expect incentives and penalties in the future as the UK Government looks to decarbonise its economy by 2050.

For some gym owners, the eco-gym will be an option. For others, that will be a step too far at this time. And that's fine. Being sustainable doesn't have to mean taking a spit-and-sawdust gym and offering vegan protein shakes, indoor plants and yoga. You don't even have to open an 'eco-gym' in order to reduce your carbon emissions.

Most of us like incentives and rewards. We want something more than just the warm-fuzzy feeling you get when you've done something good. And why shouldn't you be rewarded for making more ethical business choices?

Reduce Your Energy Bills

All the effort and energy that your members put into their workouts is going to waste.

Electricity producing bikes can take human-generated power and convert it into clean energy that powers your gym.

Your gym members enjoy the same great workout but the fruits of all their hard work - the energy created by turning those pedals - becomes a renewable power source. What's good for the environment is good for your energy bills. And it's good for the local community because whatever power is left over goes right back into the network.

woman riding RE:GEN electricity generating indoor bike

Attract New Members

Many of your gym members (both current and future) will be millennials and around 75% willing to pay more for a sustainable product. Being ethically aware could be a way to attract new membership.

It certainly has the potential to be a very profitable niche so long as you are authentic and genuine in your green ethos. Sustainable gym equipment could be the big selling point; it'll certainly help you stand out from any local competition and could form an integral part of future marketing campaigns.

You Don't Need to Replace Your Equipment

Energym is developing retro-fit devices that can be added to existing gym equipment. You don't have to replace your bikes to benefit from running a clean energy supply. It wouldn't be very eco-friendly if we were encouraging you to replace all your current kit and add in ours.

By keeping your own bikes, you're not just saving money on buying replacements, but it also stops them going to landfill or getting sent somewhere new.

Happier Employees

It's been shown that employees are happier working for businesses that are socially responsible. This is particularly true if the ethos of the company resonates with those working for the company.

Embracing a more socially aware policy inside your gym could help keep morale up amongst the people working for you. Happier employees work harder.

Don't underestimate the power of aligning your business to an important issue.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Putting electricity-generating bikes on your gym floor could help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas that your business produces. Fewer carbon dioxide emissions mean a smaller carbon footprint and that's something everyone - business owners and individuals alike - should be moving towards.

Sustainable gym equipment will reduce your carbon footprint. It can reduce your energy bills, too, and help bring you members seeking to align their beliefs with yours. It's also one way to set yourself aside from your competitors.

You can find out more about putting electricity-generating gym equipment in your gym by visiting here.


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