Energym's Clean Energy Technology At Bloomberg Arcade

Energym is in London next week for the first public demonstration of our clean energy generating technology. We’re setting up...

Energym is in London next week for the first public demonstration of our clean energy generating technology. We’re setting up 17 electricity-generating indoor bikes in the Bloomberg Arcade and, across two days, running 30-minute instructor-led cycling classes. All the power generated by the riders is being donated to a local after school club.

Proof that there’s the power of good in exercise.

The event is inspired by COP26, and the critical need for global action on climate change. It comes months after The UN released its IPCC report, with 245 governments and 195 experts agreeing for the first time that human activity is behind rising global temperatures.

This Bloomberg and Square Mile event comes just two weeks after a smaller activation event was held inside Bloomberg’s European Headquarters. We challenged riders to see how much power they could generate during a 1-minute sprint on the RE:GEN, and even Bloomberg’s London CEO, Peter Grauer, jumped on!

It was our first time inside Bloomberg HQ, and it’s an imposing space. One of the world’s most sustainable offices, and designed by renowned architect firm Foster and Partners, it demonstrates what’s possible for the future of workplace sustainability.

According to the Bloomberg website, its London office uses ceiling panels to improve heating, cooling, and lighting efficiency throughout the building. Naturally flowing air can also be used to regulate the temperature inside rather than solely relying on automated air conditioning and heating systems. In addition, 25 million litres of water are saved each year, and the building’s toilet uses net zero mains water. You can read more about the eco-friendly features at Bloomberg’s European headquarters on the company’s website.

Of course, not everyone has Bloomberg’s budget, but there’s a lot that companies and businesses can do to increase sustainability. Energym is launching a commercial package for offices and companies for its clean energy generating bike – helping employers manage employee fitness and well-being and creating clean electricity to power devices inside the office.

Next week’s two-day event is in Bloomberg’s Arcade, a thoroughfare filled with bars, cafes, and restaurants. The Arcade’s fascinating history dates back more than eighteen hundred years, with excavations on the site uncovering a Roman road and a temple dedicated to the God Mithras. You can see the ruins, discover artefacts, and explore the area’s history.

It’s an important reminder of just how long people have been living and working in the area and how human societies have developed, grown and adapted over time.

And time is not just a measure of the past, but it’s also vitally important in the fight against climate change. In the 2,000 or so years since the Romans were in London, global temperatures have risen by almost 1.5 degrees Celsius. Much of that rise has been in the last 150 years.

Climate scientists are urgently warning about the future consequences of climate change, and this isn’t something that will be 2,000 years in the future; we’re already seeing the effects of rising temperatures on extreme weather events worldwide. Climate change will impact the lives of children born today, and everyone, including governments, organisations, companies, and individuals, must work together to decarbonise the economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s why COP26 is so important and why innovative design – buildings like Bloomberg’s headquarters and technology like the Energym RE:GEN – can help contribute to a more sustainable society.


This article is now more than 6-months old, for another opportunity to see our electricity-generating indoor bikes drop by stand F24 at Elevate UK at the Excel in London on June 15th and 16th 2022. We also have more Bloomberg events lined up for 2022!


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