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The RE:GEN + Ohm Battery Bank
The RE:GEN + Ohm Battery Bank
The RE:GEN + Ohm Battery Bank
The RE:GEN + Ohm Battery Bank
The RE:GEN + Ohm Battery Bank
The RE:GEN + Ohm Battery Bank
The RE:GEN + Ohm Battery Bank

The RE:GEN + Ohm Battery Bank

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The RE:GEN is the most advanced exercise bike on the market today... and it's good for the planet.  It generates clean power from your every workout helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and get fitter, faster.

1 x RE:GEN Bike

1 x Ohm Battery (100Wh)

Place an order to secure your slot on our second batch of RE:GEN's that are set for delivery in May 2022.

We've worked hard to make shipping the best price possible, and it is calculated by your location and invoiced when your RE:GEN is ready to ship to you.

The RE:GEN Is advanced, sleek and rare. The pinnacle of home fitness. It has unrivalled features, and clean energy generation.

Size: 110cm x 52cm foot print

Weight: 70kg


- Handle bars have vertical and horizontal adjustability

- The seat has horizontal and vertical adjustability 


- Digital controlled resistance

- Live FTP Power Mode

- Efficiencies of 93%

- Power socket needed - None!

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Worldwide Shipping

We ship worldwide and the cost is calculated by your location.

Secure Your Slot

Reserve your RE:GEN now and secure your slot in our next production run.

Full Warranty

We are so confident with our tech, it is covered for a year under our warranty.

Meet, "The Ohm".

Your rechargeable, portable eco-designed power bank that locks in and charges from the RE:GEN bike giving you clean energy on the go.

It is smart with the FTP power meter, fast with the ability to charge 5 devices simultaneously and eco as the world's first portable battery packed designed for you, to be charged by you.

Built for you

With our Zwift integration, live head to head battle mode and exclusive Sweatcoin market place where you can save money on your favourite brands, all for the cost of a few calories.

Alongside our AI software that learns your day and builds your workouts around you to head you achieve your goals... Like

Smart AI tailored to you

Our software learns you day to build your workouts around you like a personal PT, right in your pocket.

Explore the RE:GEN

Visit our experience page and learn off of the features that the RE:GEN has to offer.