The future of sustainable spaces

Empower your employees to be healthier and happier through experiential exercise with Energym's clean energy technology. Our ECO:POD is a sustainably made, self-contained activation area for employees in your office space intelligently designed to enhance employee wellbeing and boost workplace productivity. Immersive games, meditation, yoga and fitness zones make for a well-needed timeout. And of course, all of the clean energy is useable in a hot-desking workspace area.

Live Events

Live Events

  • Modular Size Options
  • Fitness, Yoga and Meditation Options
  • RE:GEN Bikes & Eco Hotdesking Zone
  • Made From Sustainable Materials
Please get in touch directly for more details on our Live-Event Activations

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Why invest in your people?


Having a green solution in your office can provide a way to reduce your carbon footprint and be greener. Leasing office space and not owning the building can lead to a limitation of ways for you to be sustainable as a company. Energym provide a solution to reduce your carbon footprint.


Employees want more than just a salary and a space to sit at and work. They want to feel valued by their employers and for that company to create value in the world. Research consistently shows that a positive workplace culture increases both staff satisfaction and employee retention.  INCREASE CORPORATE WELLNESS

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Healthy Staff = Happier Staff! Exercise facilitates creative thinking and encourages innovative thinking. It can also help employees improve focus and concentration, increasing blood flow to the brain. The Journal of Occupation & Environmental Medicine found workers who exercise regularly produce higher quality work and perform better in their jobs!

How to work with us?

Use the contact form above to get in touch with our commercial team who will set up a call to gather some more information about your needs and how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals. Alternatively use the preorder checkout button to secure your ECP:POD upon launch *Currently UK only

Firstly, we will set up a call to ensure that we are the right fit for your company. Then we can send you over prices for the different offerings, you choose what you would like to have in your office space... And lastly, you get added to our pipeline for your installation.

The Energym ECO:POD is not available yet but is coming soon. We are currently adding people to our waiting list. If you are interested, please add your details below and we'll be in touch, alternatively pre-order your ECO:POD using the button above.