What We Do
Level up with the RE:GEN

Harness Human Power with Our Green Energy System

Imagine if you could capture every calorie, from every workout and convert it into green, useable, electrical power. At Energym, we’ve developed the world's first ever indoor bike that captures and converts the energy from your workouts in reusable power, creating efficiencies of up to 95%. We’re unlocking a completely new type of sustainable power.

Whether you’re looking to take steps to live greener life and get fitter, want to elevate your organisations wellness strategy, and drive down overhead costs or increase customer retention and attract new members to your gym, we’ve got a solution.

Harness human energy and convert it into usable, green, electrical power. This power can then be used to power the building itself.

Implement our green energy systems. All of which can be installed out of the box, along with our equipment, or they can be retrofitted into existing gyms.

Drive customer retention and new registrations through our immersive cardio gamification.

Coupled with the Energym App, your members can earn Sweatcoins with their workouts, and for taking part in your classes.