At Energym, our mission is to empower people to exercise for the good of themselves and the environment as a whole. And to make a collective change for the benefit of the future. Energym, turning human power on.


Our first mission is to empower people to reach their fitness goals through bespoke workouts that fit around your life, incentivised fitness, and a supportive community.


While alone, it may feel like your efforts are insignificant, together, united the impact we can have is really quite powerful. Our community aims to unite like-minded individuals and bring us all together in our mission.


Once we have worked to empower and unite people, we want to drive a real, significant effect on the world around us. By creating clean, sustainable energy, together we can make a tangible, positive impact.

join us in turning #humanpower on


As you may have guessed, we're big on sustainability and looking after the future of our planet. Our products do require manufacturing and we know that we're not perfect so we're currently undergoing a Carbon Footprint Audit.

Once we have an idea of exactly where we are, we will be implementing our sustainable roadmap to being net carbon zero. We will keep this page updated with our plans and our progress so you can follow along with our journey.



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