Turn Physical Exertion Into Clean, Electrical Energy to Power Your Organisation.



Fulfill your organisational sustainability requirements and drive down overhead costs with our industry-leading clean-energy technology.

Increase customer retention and drive new members through our immersive fitness app, which incentivises fitness like never before.



Harness Human Power with Our Green Energy System

Imagine if you could capture every calorie, from every workout and convert it into green, useable, electrical power. Power that can be used to light your gyms, fuel your equipment and drive down your overheads. At Energym, our systems allow you to do exactly that.

How It Works

Implement our green energy systems. All of which can be installed out of the box, along with our equipment, or they can be retrofitted into existing gyms.


Harness human energy and convert it into usable, green, electrical power. This power can then be used to power the building itself.


Drive customer retention and new registrations through our immersive cardio gamification.

Coupled with the Energym App, your members can earn Sweatcoins with their workouts, and for taking part in your classes.

How It Works

Energym_How it works

Our Unique Solution


Energym App – The Energym app provides an immersive and personalised fitness experience like never before.

The LED power-sabre provides a strong visual aid to your personal performance, bespoke to you. Ensuring you are in always in the zone. 

Clean Energy – Our high-torque smart charge system can not only create clean useable power, but also provides an extensive interactive and immersive resistance workout.

Lightweight, rust-resistant aluminium seat and handlebar posts.

Realistic chain drive mechanism and dual-sided pedals (toe cage and SPD).

Apply now to join our Installation Waitlist 

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about how our systems could benefit you, and your organisation whether that be reducing your overheards, your carbon footprint or increasing your customer retention.

Please note that, due to high demand, there is currently a 9 month waiting period for installation.


Get in touch today to guarantee you make it into our 2021 pipeline, and our team will be in touch as soon as possible.


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