RE:GEN Ride App Subscription - Monthly

RE:GEN Ride App Subscription - Monthly

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Energym app pairs with your RE:GEN to let you track your workouts and access ON-DEMAND virtual classes, games, personalised workouts and the online rider community.

Plus, the RE:GEN Ride App partners integrates Sweatcoin so you can turn pedal power into purchasing power for lots of real sustainable products and discounts.

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AI Tailored Workouts

Workouts that are built from your daily calorie goal. What does this mean? It means everyday you can create a workout based on your individual calorie goal so you are always on track and hitting your daily goals.

Burn To Earn

We have teamed up with Sweatcoin for the exclusive Energym Marketplace. Sweatcoins are calculated on your energy generated against the effort you put into the workout, you can then spend them on your favourite brands for exclusive offers and deals.

Personal Dashboard

Your Energym app is tailored to you and all of your workout metrics are in one place. Track your FTP, energy generated and calories all on one screen. This is a game-changer, as you get fitter so does our planet.

Built for you

Easy Use

Connect your tablet or phone for an easy view whilst riding... And if you don't want to use your app one day, the bike will still work. You are not locked into the app.