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We know that exercise is important for our physical and mental health but many of us aren't doing enough of...

We know that exercise is important for our physical and mental health but many of us aren't doing enough of it. We also know that climate change is a fundamental threat to human life but many of us are unwilling or unable to make the lifestyle changes necessary to fight it.

Acting against our own best interests is a peculiar but very human response to the things we perceive as being difficult or far-removed from where we are right now. Premature death or global catastrophe just aren't things most of us think about on a daily basis.

And the future feels a long way off. We're children of the digital age. We're used to getting results quickly and rewards almost immediately. Unfortunately, the real world doesn't always work like that, but there are ways to make things easier.

Energym wants exercise to be more convenient, effective and rewarding. People should be able to reduce their carbon footprint easily and without spending a small fortune to do it; and it wants to pay people in Sweatcoin for the workouts they complete and the clean-energy they generate.

Regular Exercise is Key to Physical Health

More people die from a lack of physical exercise than from smoking and diabetes.

No one wants to die before their time, but it's well documented that you're at greater risk of developing heart disease, hypertension, certain cancers, diabetes, and obesity when you have a sedentary lifestyle. And your mental health could end up in the toilet, too.

None of that will be a surprise to anyone. We've all been told it repeatedly. If there was a pill that would significantly reduce our chances of dying early, we'd all take it. Which is ridiculous exercise is the pill that reduces the risk of premature death.

And it doesn't need to be running marathons or climbing mountains; it can be in ways that suit you and the things you enjoy doing: walking, hiking, cycling, swimming, aerobics, climbing, and even gardening.

Remember what we said about living in the digital age? There's never been a better time to get into exercise. There's a tonne of choice both paid and for free, indoors and outdoors, in the gym or at-home available around the clock.

Smart-Tech Indoor Bikes

Indoor cycling is one trend worth paying attention to. This high-intensity but low-impact form of exercise is great for beginners right through to professional road cyclists. It's a great cardio option for anyone looking to replace their gym membership or to supplement classes with an at-home routine.

Stationary bikes have been around forever. You may have bought one in the past or used one at the gym. Recently, there's been a few exciting developments in the technology of static bikes. Basic models still exist for those who want a super stripped down budget option, but we're now seeing the rise of smart-tech indoor bikes.

For one, we're seeing a community-based approach to at-home exercising. You can join indoor cycling classes where instructors interact with at-home rides in real-time. The Energym RE:GEN, for example, Zwift-compatible so you can ride in virtual environments with and against a global community of riders.

Of course, you can still ride alone in your living room if that's what you need.

Using an exercise bike regularly for fitness will help reduce your risk of dying early but the key word here is regularly.

Earn Rewards as You Get Fitter

Motivating people to exercise using the risks of premature death and life-limiting disease rarely works on healthy and younger people. If asked, many of us would overestimate our activity levels or flat-out refuse to believe that we could do more.

Our lives are busy and complex and with so many responsibilities and distractions, it's little wonder that pushing ourselves into a state of sweaty breathless abandon on a bike or using weights isn't at the top of everyone's agenda.

It's discipline that keeps us on track. Only discipline is hard especially in those first few months where we might not notice the physical and mental changes our bodies are going through.

Exercise is its own reward but what if that's not enough to keep us exercising long enough to form a habit that will help us reduce our risk of early death or developing life-complicating illness?

Everyone likes to get rewarded. From gold stars in the school classroom to the points on your store card, rewards incentivise us to make certain decisions even when we otherwise might not have made them.

It's why the Energym RE:GEN is powered by Sweatcoin. You'll earn digital currency every time you work out. Spend what you've earned in an online marketplace for exclusive discounts and rewards.

A Fitness Bike that Creates Electricity

You've got your Sweatcoins, what else?

The Energym RE:GEN captures the energy you generate during your workout and stores it in a battery attached to the bike which you can then unclip and use to charge devices around your home: phones, laptops, headphones, tablets, etc.

Your workout hasn't just created a calorie deficit but actual electricity that you can use throughout the day and then recharge with another workout.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Climate change is everyone's responsibility but it's a big thing to have to get your head around. 

Energym designs and develops clean energy generating gym equipment. Find out more about the RE:GEN for the home or the RE:GEN studio for gyms. 

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