Can I buy an electricity generating bike?

Yes, you can buy an electricity generating bike. It's called the RE:GEN, and we're now taking pre-orders for 2023 delivery. ...

Yes, you can buy an electricity generating bike. It's called the RE:GEN, and we're now taking pre-orders for 2023 delivery. 


Most people understand the concept of a power-generating exercise bike; they just don't realise its potential. It's because microgeneration sounds...well, too small-scale to be useful in the modern world. Of course, that's the point. Microgeneration means small-scale energy production. It's the kind used in homes and small businesses: solar panels on a roof or small-scale wind turbines, for example. 

But one of the biggest advantages of this type of clean energy generation is that generally, it's less conspicuous and affordable; it's also relatively easy to install and maintain. 

The opposite of microgeneration would be something like a hydroelectric dam or off-shore wind farm. These are very obtrusive on the landscape, and they're expensive to build and maintain, but they do produce large volumes of clean energy. 

It's easy to argue that these two types of energy production are mutually exclusive with relatively little in common. And whilst it's true you can't put 50-wind turbines in the average suburban garden, you can, as a home or business owner, benefit from both large and small-scale energy generation. In order to decarbonise the global economy, we must generate more clean energy.  There's not enough to keep up with global demand, so why not use microgeneration more effectively, more regularly, to help support these much bigger energy projects? 

What about human power? It's clean, renewable and abundant. 

It's why Energym has developed the RE:GEN. It's a power-generating exercise bike for homes, commercial gyms, and office space. You can't power an entire house from a single bike, that's true, but if you're drawing power from the entire fitness community - those exercising at home and inside gyms - then that power adds up.


man riding an electricity generating bike in his home


The UK has 10 million gym members. Globally, the at-home exercise equipment industry is expected to hit $31 billion by 2025. Imagine tapping into all those workouts and then capturing and converting that energy and turning it into usable electricity. 

It's the benefit of microgeneration: exploiting a form of energy generation that's already happening. Indoor bikes fitted with Energym's technology allows for power generation without the associated economic, environmental, and political impacts of larger-scale projects like nuclear plants, hydroelectric dams, solar farms, etc. Switching to an electricity-generating bike requires no behaviour change on the user's part.


How is the RE:GEN an electricity-generating bike?

  • Users exercise as they would on any other stationary bike. The magic happens in the flywheel, where a generator captures and converts human effort and turns it into clean power. This power is transferred and stored inside the Ohm - a portable clip-on battery unit that sits between the handlebars.

  • The Ohm is 100 wH. Once a user has finished a workout, he or she can unlock the Ohm from the bike and use it to charge electronic devices. Users can also purchase an additional snap-on extender allowing multiple devices to charge simultaneously.

    The Ohm Clean Energy Capsule on RE GEN


  • During the workout, the Ohm is also a live power meter displaying functional threshold power (FTP) within a 5-colour zoning system, so users can easily see when they're exercising efficiently and at their peak. The Ohm is both WiFi and Bluetooth enabled.

  • The bike's electronics are stored in the Enerbox, which sits at the back of the bike. Its sleek design has a Lamborghini-inspired air-dissipation fin.

  • Resistance is controlled electronically via handlebar-mounted controls & an In-App manual/automated control.

  • Clean energy generation is tracked via an app. Users can see exactly how much human power they've captured during their workout. 


Watch the RE:GEN Tech Specs


Watch How Energym Took an Exercise Bike From Paper to Product


How Much Electricity Can a Bike Generate?


  • For the at-home REGEN: Generate and Store up to 100Wh per hour of cycling. One workout is enough to charge 2.6 MacBook Pros, 4 iPad Pros, or 14 iPhones (or Android equivalent). 

  • For the commercial bike (gyms and businesses): Generate and Store up to 250W per hour of riding.


So yes, you can buy an electricity-generating bike. Find out more and pre-order yours today. 


What About Exercise Equipment That Generates Electricity? 


But Energym isn't just stopping with the RE:GEN. We're also developing electricity-generating exercise equipment for homes and gyms using the Energym app and the Ohm portable battery unit (central batteries for gyms and commercial premises). This will allow users who don't exercise using indoor bikes the opportunity to generate clean power and for gyms to maximise their energy-generating potential. Visit the Energym main page, scroll to the bottom and then add in your email to our newsletter sign-up page. 



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I would like to suggest one quality bike in our new park with possibility to charge phones and maybe to produce light. Please inform me about availability and price. Rgds, M, Ljubljana


Hi I would like to know more about commercial equipments


Are there plans to feed into home battery storage instead of the mobile battery? We’ve recently had solar+battery installed and I’d be keen to hook into that if it were possible


I’m interested in this because living beings are the most efficient batteries.

Recently I bought my first electric car, a Tesla and I’m learning a lot. It has also come to my attention that California wants everyone to drive electric cars by 2032.

So my issue is that electric cars were advertised as cheap and clean energy, but companies that are pushing super chargers and placing those everywhere, leaving them as the only option is just as costly as $4.50 of gas per gallon. This is highly disappointing and bad for the car’s batteries.

So the point of why I’m here looking at your bikes is, that there will be opportunities for business to work hand in hand to supply low cost to no cost energy with some arrangements.

My idea was an energy revolution creates a health solution!

We are fat and sick because we love our electronics, but what if we could gain access to free electricity or discounted while we work out at a gym that stores our energy. We would be apart of the energy source and this would create ease to the system that already says is struggling to keep up with demands and keep raising the cost.

I’m interested in how this could be apart of the solution to our problems and helping our Earth.

I wonder how a gym full of your bikes could charge cars for free or remove heavy costs from our electricity bills now.

My Tesla, on my search for slow, free charging stations has pushed me outside and to move my ass. It’s changed my life because I want that cheap fuel I was sold on more than being a lazy ass. I even put a hula hoop in the back of my Tesla to find something fun to do, while I wait for two hours for the car to charge.

Anyhow I’m excited about your product and I’m going to follow this. I’m grateful and I wish with my whole heart that more companies push for clean energy/ inventions and to utilize our own batteries to energize our world!


This is such a great idea- especially now with the energy crisis.
Have you thought of getting sponsorship from football clubs. You could calculate how much CO2 you are saving and see if it is enough to send one player to the World Cup- or the whole team.

Karoline Neilson

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