Can I buy an electricity generating bike?

Can I buy an electricity generating bike?
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The opposite of microgeneration is a nuclear power plant or off-shore wind farm. You can't power an entire house from a single bike, that's true. But if you're drawing power from the entire fitness community - both at home and from gyms - then that power starts adding up. There are ten million gym members in the UK. The global at-home exercise equipment industry is expected to hit $31 billion by 2025 - so why not tap into that clean energy production. The fitness community could generate a significant amount of power. Microgeneration is low-impact with power generating exercise equipment being especially so. It'll never match the energy generation of a wind farm or coal-fired power plant but then human power doesn't have the same economic and environmental impact.

A bike that creates electricity gets delivered straight into a person's home. That user benefits from clean power that they can use to power their electronic devices. And this is all done through exercise. Something the user was going to do anyway. Switching to an electricity generating bike requires no behaviour change on the user's part. The RE: GEN is a first-rate stationary bike even without the Ohm and its clean energy generator. Users will buy the RE:GEN for its individual benefits, but the combined power generation of tens of thousands of users could really add up. And what better way to ensure that people are generating clean power, than by incentivising them with rewards? Earlier this year, Energym formed a strategic partnership with Sweatcoin so that users can get rewarded for their workouts.

How is the RE:GEN an electricity generating bike?

  • Users exercise as they would on any other stationary bike. The magic happens in the flywheel where a generator captures and converts human effort into clean power. This power is then transferred and stored inside the Ohm - a portable clip-on battery unit.
  • The Ohm is 100 wH and has 2 USB outlets. Users can purchase an additional snap-on extender which allows 5-devices to charge simultaneously.
  • During the workout the Ohm is also a live power meter displaying functional threshold power (FTP) within a 5-colour zoning system, so users can easily see when they're exercising efficiently and at their peak. The Ohm is both WiFi and Bluetooth enabled.
  • The bike's electronics are stored in the Enerbox which sits at the back if the bike. It's sleek design has a Lamborghini inspired air dissipation fin.

The Ohm

Ohm Features

RE:GEN's Tech Specs

From Paper to Product

How much electricity can a bike generate?

The average workout generates between 170Wh and 230Wh. On the RE:GEN this translates to:

  • a Macbook Pro 2.5 times
  • an iPhone 12 14 times
  • an iPad Pro 4 times.


Personal Power Like Never Before.

The Energym RE:GEN is the world's first smart fitness bike that captures and converts your workout into clean, useable, electrical energy that you can use. This electrical power is stored inside a portable battery, the Ohm.

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